Wagenmaker of Reclaim Customs joins The Chase

By David Yarger

Co-Host The Chase

Howdy y’all! Hope you all enjoyed another episode of your favorite hobby talk show. If you missed it, well you were absent for one hell of a time. The crew welcomed back friend of the show and prior guest Eric Wagenmaker, the founder of Reclaim Custom Cards. 

If you don’t know Wagenmaker, get accommodated, because the custom work he puts together is awesome. From athletes to celebrities, each custom has its own flare of some type. 

We most recently talked to Wagenmaker at the National in July, where we first met him and got to know his story. 

Wagenmaker got his start when a friend suggested that he could start making custom cards. Wagenmaker has always been a designer and when the idea was pitched to him, his boys grabbed the laptop and checked out tutorials of how to make custom cards. From there, his first two cards were patch cards from his boys’ soccer jerseys. The two cards were the start of something big, as orders began rushing in and piling up for what would become Reclaim Customs. 

“The simple explanation is its custom trading cards. But if you think how vast and diverse the trading card industry is and just what’s available in the retail market, I can take that even further. I can completely personalize cards and whether it’s for your own collection or something you want to give as a wedding gift or birthday gift – I mean I can make cards of your kids, your pets, your favorite person in sports history or whatever,” Wagenmaker said. 

Some of Wagenmaker’s favorite and most unique cards include a Babe Ruth cut auto and Lou Gehrig cut auto card, as well a run of Chevy Chase cards. He did say he enjoyed putting together a card for two hobby talk show hosts, aka Troy Licastro and myself. 

What means the most to Wagenmaker is his customers and the trust they put in him to create a special product. 

“It’s amazing to me some of the stuff my customers, not only send me, but trust me with. It’s just so meaningful to me to be able to capture their unique items that they cherish and to be able to put them in something that they’re able to display and something that’s one of a kind,” he said. “It’s so awesome to me to create these one of a kind pieces for people’s collections or gifts for someone else. It’s so fun and meaningful.”

Wagenmaker admitted he’s a one-man band when it comes to creating products for Reclaim Customs. When it comes to the design, creation, networking, shipping and more, Wagenmaker does it all for his company, which he noted can be busy, especially around Christmas time when orders were flying off his site. 

Despite it being very time consuming, he said it’s a profession that combined two of his loves – designing and the hobby. 

“To see those two worlds merge is just awesome,” he said. “Right now, this is what I’m doing and it’s a blast.”

To see the full interview with Wagenmaker, head to the YouTube replay.

Additionally, to see more of Wagenmaker’s work, head to his website and check out his Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and TikTok.

Also on The Chase

Following our interview with Wagenmaker, we ripped the highly anticipated new release of 2023 Topps Series One Baseball. If you’re looking for the newest rookie class, Series One is the way to go, as the crew pulled players like Adley Rutschman, Gabriel Moreno, Oscar Gonzalez and Michael Harris to just name a few. On top of that, we pulled a Derek Jeter relic and an Albert Pujols orange out of 299!

To win these cards, comment on the YouTube replay who you think will be the MLB’s home run leader this upcoming season. 

A winner will be announced on Friday’s episode of The Chase. 

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