2014 Topps Finest Football Drops Tomorrow

2014 Topps Finest Football comes out tomorrow!

Inside each box of Topps Finest you will find two mini-boxes that contain six packs a piece. Every box will feature a Finest Rookie Refractor Autograph Patch card and an Autographed Finest Refractor Jumbo Relic card.

The base set contains 150 cards featuring 100 of the top veterans and 50 standouts of the 2014 rookie class. There is also a full slate of parallels including Refractor, X-Fractor, Blue Refractor (sequence numbered to 99.), Gold Refractor (#’d to 75), Red Refractor (#’d to 50), Pulsar Refractor (#’d to 25), BCA Refractor (#’d to 10), STS Refractor (#’d to 10), SuperFractor and Printing Plates.

The Rookie Refractor Autograph Patch cards will feature 33 players including Johnny Manziel, Sammy Watkins, Derek Carr and Teddy Bridgewater. There is a line up of parallels that are similar to the base set. The Pulsar Refractor (numbered to 25), X-Fractor (numbered to 15), BCA Refractor (numbered to 10), and the Salute to Service Refractor (numbered to 10) parallels will all include a jumbo patch.

There are also five one-of-one parallels that showcase the patches and logos from the jerseys and laundry tags. Look for the Black Refractor Pigskin NFL Shield, Black Refractor NFLPA Logo, Black Refractor NFL Shield Logo, Black Refractor Swoosh Logo and SuperFractor Jumbo Team Patch.

Autographed Jumbo Relic Refractor cards will feature both rookie and veteran autographs complete with a jersey swatch. Be sure to look for the limited run patch parallels and the one-of-one Black Refractor Swoosh Parallel and SuperFractor Team Patch.

There are also Dual Autograph Dual Relic and Triple Autograph Triple Relic cards that have multiple autographs and swatches and numbered to ten. Quarterback Quartet Autograph Patch Books are numbered out of five. All of these sets also have a one-of-one SuperFractor card.

Rookie Refractor Autograph Variations will augment the base set with additional action shots. There are four levels of limited run parallels including a one-of-one SuperFractor.

The insert sets include Finest QB Cuts (one per case), Finest Atomic Refractor Rookies and Fantasy’s Finest. The Atomic Refractors and Fantasy’s Finest also have their own parallel and autograph cards.

With the exciting crop of rookies (especially quarterbacks) this season 2014 Topps Finest should yield plenty of exciting hits.

2014 Topps Finest Football Hobby Box

2014 Topps Finest Football Hobby Box

Product Features
  • 6 Packs Per Mini-Box, 5 Cards Per Pack
  • 1 Rookie Autograph Patch Card Per Box!
  • 1 Autograph Jumbo Relic Card Per Box!
  • 2 Finest Atomic Refractor Rookie Cards Per Box!
  • 2 Fantasy's Finest Cards Per Box!

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