Major Comic Purchase – Amazing Fantasy, Detective Comics & Wonder Woman!

It’s no secret we’ve bought and sold a substantial amount of copies of significant key issues here at Dave & Adam’s. That being said, this┬ácomic collection that we just purchased definitely stands out. We just picked up what is arguably one of the nicest 6.0 (Fine) copies of Amazing Fantasy #15 signed by Spider-Man’s legendary creator himself Stan Lee. But that’s not all. Also included as part of this collection was a Wonder Woman #1 featuring the origin of Wonder Woman and a Detective Comics #38 which features the origin & 1st appearance of Batman’s sidekick, Robin the Boy Wonder.

We are always looking to purchase both significant investment grade collections like this as well as smaller collections. If you have any Golden, Silver or bronze age comics as well as modern key issues don’t hesitate to contact us as we are always buying!

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