Star Wars Celebration – Orlando 2017

Dave & Adam’s toy and gaming buyers are heading to Orlando for the largest gathering of Star Wars fans and collectibles, Star Wars Celebration!

This amazing show is only in North America every two years, so when it happens it’s a huge event!

This is Dave and Adam’s first Celebration and we are pulling out all the stops in an effort to bring some amazing collectibles to the Star Wars fans attending the event. We’ll be in Booth 1334 right near the autograph area!

We are bringing Star Wars toys from the vintage Kenner line all the way through some of the more collectible modern Star Wars items from Hasbro. We will have a fantastic assortment of both AFA graded mint on card figures and loose figures as well as a full selection of ungraded original loose figures.

We will have toys for every budget. From $5.00 mid 1990’s Power of the Force figures to an AFA 75 21 Back Boba Fett for $4800, we’ll have something for everyone!

We are also bringing a selection of the original Marvel Comics and selling them for HALF PRICE!

We also have a very limited collectible that will be exclusively available to Star Wars Celebration. We commissioned an officially licensed patch featuring the Last Jedi, Luke Skywalker! This patch is limited to only 500 pieces! In order to make sure we have them available every day of the show we are only making 125 available per day.

Our trip down to Orlando will take us through Pennsylvania, Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia and Florida. While on the road as well as at the Celebration we will be looking to do some buying.

What are we looking to buy?

  • Action figure items from popular toy lines such as Star Wars, GI Joe, Transformers, Super Powers, Secret Wars, Marvel Legends, TV and Movie based toys from the 1970’s through the present!
  • Comic books from the 1930’s through the 1970’s featuring big name super heroes. We are especially interested in CGC graded key issues and first appearances!
  • Blaine, our gaming buyer is coming on this trip and is looking to buy gaming singles, sets, booster boxes and even full cases of Magic the Gathering, Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh cards!

If you have anything that you are looking to sell, contact us via eamil at [email protected],com or [email protected] to set up an appointment!

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