Our Most Recent Amazing Find!

The 1953-1964 Topps baseball cards were gone, but the 1952’s were still there. Hundreds of them. Literally untouched for nearly 70 years. In the first stack there were several Yogi Berra and Willie Mays, but in the second pile…three Mickey Mantles. Every card had sharp corners and full gloss as if they had been pulled from packs the day before. But the collection kept on going.  

1952 Topps Mickey Mantle Rookie Cards
1952 Topps Mickey Mantle Rookie Cards!
1952 Topps Baseball
Some of the ’52 Topps we are sending out to PSA.

While growing up in Canada the original owner of this collection was a very meticulous collector. For him it was enjoyable to open a full box and gently place the cards back in the display box. He didn’t make sets. He didn’t put them in his bike spokes. 

He even kept the gum – making a stack of 8 pieces and using one of the wrappers to protect it. And he rarely only opened one box.

6 boxes worth of 1966-67 Topps Hockey with several gorgeous Bobby Orr rookies, 5 boxes 1971 O-pee-chee Baseball with the brutal black borders, multiple boxes of 1979-80 O-pee-chee Hockey along with 6 Wayne Gretzky rookies. It went on and on with at least one box for every year in hockey starting in 1965 and O-pee-chee baseball from 1968.  

1971 O-pee-chee baseball
1971 O-pee-chee Baseball
Wayne Gretzky, Mickey Mantle, Bobby Orr Rookie Cards
Mantle, Gretzky & Orr Rookie Cards!
1966-67 Topps Hockey Singles

As the years went on and the price of boxes increased he switched to more affordable products such as Upper Deck MVP Hockey until eventually switching to Topps and Panini stickers and albums. 

Keep an eye on our site over the next few months as cards from this find come back to us from PSA. And of course, remember when you have anything collectible to sell to please contact us.

Now, if we can only find all the 1953’s-1964’s.

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2 Responses to Our Most Recent Amazing Find!

  1. Pete March 3, 2020 at 1:19 pm #

    Is this from the recent Reed trip? If so I would have never guessed that. This is awesome

  2. Matthew Lee Rosen March 5, 2020 at 1:32 pm #

    That’s an incredible find! If you have any photos of the actual gum, please share some pics with a card next to it for size reference. Would love to see and the learn the measurement of the gum from that era for some future baseball card art projects.