Get that Mickey Mantle master money with $20,000 Jersey Fusion bounty


How’s $20,000 sound? Good, glad I’ve got your attention.

Jersey Fusion is back, and so is the Dave & Adam’s bounty.

Hitting shelves on Wednesday, Jersey Fusion Baseball has a special chase card for collectors.

This time it’s the 1/1 1960 Mickey Mantle Master Jersey Fusion. 

If you pull that, best believe Dave & Adam’s will pay you $20,000 for it!

The piece on the card is a 1/1 laundry tag card. It’s an embroidered name patch from his uniform, according to Jersey Fusion.

MLB managed the “laundry” this way back in the day before game used uniform demands had them changing every game. 

Jersey Fusion says the Mantle is a true “one of one” at this point from that era, as few of those uniforms even exist.

For those who don’t know, each Jersey Fusion combines a custom archival acrylic insert featuring a swatch from the player on the accompanied original trading card. Additionally, the cards are in a JF holder.

Collectors can also scan a QR code that shows the whole jersey/worn item.

Look for 10 Jersey Fusion cards per box, premium Jersey Fusion cards, SP patches, and numbered premium variations.

2022 Jersey Fusion Baseball Hobby Box

2022 Jersey Fusion Baseball Hobby Box

Product Features
  • 10 Jersey Fusion Cards Per Box!
  • Look for Premium Jersey Fusion Cards!
  • Collect SP Patches!
  • Find Numbered Premium Variations!
$249.95 $209.95



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