Dave & Adam’s employee’s missing wedding ring triggers international incident

Dave & Adam’s Shipping Manager, Chris Marino, found his missing wedding ring in an interesting place: France. How it got there is a funny story.

Chris discovered his ring was missing this past Monday after a busy day of getting orders shipped out. He recalled how he realized it had gone missing: “I got out of work at 7 p.m. and stopped for a coffee and gas on the way home. I took a shower when I got home, and I after I got out I went to put my wedding ring back on, and it was nowhere. I went back out to the places I stopped at on the way home. I asked the employees if they found it and searched the parking lot, but I couldn’t find it.”

He spent the next two days searching every conceivable place where it may have fallen off. Even though he’s only been married a little more than two years, Chris has been in this situation before as he lost his first wedding ring. Now the replacement ring had disappeared on him.

Wednesday morning Chris received a phone call from our sales rep, Brad, who had some good news for him. It turns out Chris’s ring was found by one of our customers inside a package he recently received. That customer lives in France. It turns out that the ring fell off Chris’s finger into the box. The customer was nice enough to ship it back to us, and Chris will be reunited with his wedding ring once it returns from it’s European vacation.

UPDATE (January 13): Just a week and a half after it left for it’s trip across the Atlantic Ocean, Chris’s ring has returned. Matthieu sent it back in a top loader with a note. We’re considering shipping some chicken wings to France to pay him back. Stay tuned for more on the adventures of Chris’s ring.

We’d like to thank Matthieu for his honesty and for returning the ring back to Chris.


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