2016 Leaf Metal Draft Football preview

2016 Leaf Metal Draft Football will pack an extra punch compared to previous releases. Leaf is upping the number of autographs from four to five for this year’s product to give collectors more chances to find autographs from up and coming NFL Draft prospects.

16leafmetaldraft4 16leafmetaldraft2

The autograph cards are broken into different sets. Metal Autographs are base autograph cards featuring the top offensive prospects and draft eligible players from major schools. State Pride Autographs feature the player’s image against a background using the state flag of where they play. Armed and Dangerous highlight top quarterback prospects. Touchdown Kings focus on running backs and wide receivers. All autograph cards have parallel versions as limited as one-of-one. Leaf also borrows the name of a infamous daily fantasy website for the Draft Kings autographs set.

Some of the potential 2016 NFL Draft to sign for Leaf Metal Draft include Ohio State running back Ezekiel Elliott, Baylor wide receiver Corey Coleman and Oregon running back Bralon Addison.

16leafmetaldraft1 16leafmetaldraft3

As an added bonus, collectors will have also have a chance to pull Tom Brady autographs from 2016 Leaf Metal Draft.

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