What’s Up in The Lounge – January 13

Whirlwind past few days…we were absolutely FLOODED with crazy good hits. We saw the release of two huge products: 2015 National Treasures Baseball and 2015 Panini Contenders Football. Sprinkle in some personal breaks and case breaks of old favorites, and we get this onslaught of mojo.

We’ll start out with the monster…Cy Young cut auto from 2015 Topps Dynasty Baseball. This card puts the NASTY in Dynasty (I recognize how lame that pun is).


Last week I talked about my X-Men Power of getting Connor McDavid cards, this little beauty bolsters that point. Now to get the Jack Eichel Quad Diamond Relic…


Here’s a couple great hits from 2015/16 Totally Certified Basketball and 2015 Topps Five Star Baseball.

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As you can see our 2015 Topps Strata Baseball break was nuts as well.

Here are the 2015 Panini Contenders Football Highlights.

Finally we have our 2015 Panini National Treasures Baseball highlights. This product is absolutely ridiculous. Stuffed with great autos and relics, notice THREE Kris Bryant autos! We will definitely have more breaks of this up soon!

Too many great hits to pick a favorite, so I’ll have two for you in next week’s entry.

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