Reed’s Northern Adventure

Reed is headed to Halifax, Novia Scotia at the end of February on a buying trip! He will be driving back to Buffalo Thursday, February 27th through Monday, March 2nd and he is looking to book some stops along the way.

This trip is unique in that Reed’s list of items that he is looking to purchase is limited to vintage PSA graded cards (no KSA graded) and unopened boxes/cases (any sport, any year).

Reed is looking to book appointments that are limited to 1-2 hours each and his drive back from Halifax will take him along the following route:

  • Novia Scotia
  • Prince Edward Island
  • New Brunswick
  • Quebec (Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec City)
  • Ontario (GTA and points east along HWY 401)

If you have a big collection, Reed may still be able to do a stop-and-see. Time permitting, he can assess your collection and make plans to come back on a future trip to Canada.

If you are looking to sell and live along Reed’s route back to Buffalo, contact him today to set up an appointment! You can get in touch with Reed by emailing [email protected] or by calling 808-372-1974.

Oh, and one last note – Reed doesn’t read or speak French!

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