Reed’s 2019 Southwest Buying Trip

The 2019 NFL Season is underway and that means Reed is currently in Las Vegas for a Fantasy Football draft and to kick off the season!

Following up on Reed’s extremely successful recent buying trips that included stops in the Pacific Northwest, Missouri, Maryland and even Florida right before the hurricane hit..Reed will be heading out on another buying trip in late October/early November.

This trip will take Reed to the Southwest of the US. He’ll start the trip off in California before heading to Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas.

Here is what Reed is currently looking to purchase:

  • Vintage (pre 1970) Graded & Ungraded Cards (Sets & Singles)
  • All (Sports & Non-Sport) Unopened Product – Boxes & Cases!
  • Certified Autographed Memorabilia

Have items packed away in a spare room, your basement, a storage unit, a warehouse or even a closed store that you are looking to sell? NOW is the perfect opportunity to clean out!

Call (808) 372-1974 or email [email protected] ASAP to set up an appointment with Reed!


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