Reed’s 2019 Pacific Northwest Buying Trip

Reed is back from the National Sports Collectors Convention in Chicago and is getting in a little R&R as he gears up for his next Buying Trip!

This trip will take Reed to the Pacific Northwest in late September with stops in Washington, Idaho, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming and Colorado!

What’s Reed looking for you ask?

  • Vintage (pre 1970) Graded & Ungraded Cards (Sets & Singles)
  • All (Sports & Non-Sport) Unopened Product – Boxes & Cases!
  • Certified Autographed Memorabilia

Have items packed away in a spare room, your basement, a storage unit, a warehouse or even a closed store that you are looking to sell? NOW is the perfect opportunity to clean out!

Call (808) 372-1974 or email [email protected] ASAP to set up an appointment with Reed!

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