Ever see a Baseball Card Contract?

With the release of 2012 Topps Archives today, collectors will immediately be brought back to the 80s & 90s with the classic throwback design and buy back autographs loaded in the product. Something else they will find is the contracts that made it all possible ..

In our case, we found the Topps Trading Card contract for relief pitcher Xavier Hernandez.

The contract was signed in July of 1996 with Xavier agreeing to an extension for three more seasons of Topps to use his image on their product. For the whopping payment of $75 per year, I’m sure Xavier found it more than fair to see his own face on a card.

With Topps baseball products stealing the show every year with their design and autograph content, putting original signed contracts into their products helps confirm their spot on top the baseball hobby world. While Xavier Hernandez may not be the best in the bunch, I am sure Topps put some gems out there, including this contract signed by Jose Guillen in 1997.

Either way you look at it, this is history and you can own a piece of it if you purchase a case of 2012 Topps Archives, which is looking to be one of the top products of the year.

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