Hommes, Winner of Knoxville 1/1, Joins ‘The Chase’

Collector pulls big card out of special Jackass box and Brock Lesnar 1/1 auto puller/UFC breaker join The Chase 

By David Yarger

“The Chase” Co-Host


Over the years, people have grown to know the crazy guy saying “Hi, I’m Johnny Knoxville and welcome to Jackass.”

Many are used to seeing the celebrity on television and witnessing the crazy, and even idiotic, stunts that the Jackass crew somehow manage to pull off. But, have you seen them on trading cards before?

For Matt Hommes, a collector who started young, took a break, and then started again during the COVID-19 pandemic, he not only got to see the Jackass celebs in his hands, but he also pulled a one of a kind card.

Recently, Zerocool released a Jackass box of cards, which Hommes picked up a case of. After ripping one, selling another on eBay and letting six of them sit for some time, Hommes gained the courage to crack the remaining boxes, which resulted in a huge Knoxville one of one find.

“The other six kind of sat in my office for almost a month, and I was in there working one day (and) I got tired of looking at them, so I said ‘I’m gonna rip these.’ I think it was the third box that I hit the Knoxville one of one,” Hommes said.

Hommes said he’s a big fan of Zerocool products and thought the idea of Jackass cards was definitely creative.

“I thought it was a pretty cool idea. I was on a forum and somebody said back in 2011 they thought Jackass should put out cards, just capturing a still image of some of the stunts they pull. I thought that was pretty unique,” Hommes said.

He added the quality of the cards were very good and they did a nice job with the print quality. Additionally, there were different color boxes, which he said was unique as he gained a purple and red box.

Hommes, who said he is a fan of Jackass and would consider joining them for certain stunts, said it was a surreal experience, because he had never pulled a one of one card ever. He added that he mainly collects baseball, and the Jackass box was really the first time he’s dove into the entertainment realm.

Additionally, the big-time card ended up being highly sought by Dave & Adam’s Card World and eventually, thanks to some help from the card community, Hommes was able to reach out to D&A to get his bounty money.

“My first thought was ‘Holy crap, here’s a one of one. This is pretty cool.’ Then, I posted it on a forum just saying ‘Hey, check out this card I got … any idea on value?’ And a few responses later, it said, ‘I don’t know if you know this, but Dave & Adam’s is offering a bounty for it. So I was literally shaking,” he said.

While Hommes had intentions of splurging on collectibles with his recent $10,000 acquisition, he said the money will be used to fix a “cool” need at his house.

“I wish I could do something fun with it, but our air conditioning went out,” he said with a laugh. “Here in Georgia, that’s a necessity. So, most of it is going to a new A/C unit, unfortunately. But, hey, the timing was perfect.”

But while he will chase a new air conditioning unit, Hommes said he will always continue to hunt down Ronald Acuna Jr. cards, being an Atlanta Braves fan.

Recently, UFC cards have grown in popularity in the hobby. For Vincent Louie of LuckyLouieCards on Instagram, he took his breaking skills to the UFC realm and ended up pulling a one of a kind card.

While many may know this beast for what he’s done sending WWE wrestlers to Suplex City, Brock Lesnar also has a stellar resume with the UFC. Louie was lucky enough to pull a one of one auto of the beast incarnate from the 2022 Panini Prizm UFC collection.

Louie began collecting everything from football to baseball cards at a young age, took a little break, then got back into it with Pokemon and Yugioh cards before getting back into sports cards around the time of the COVID-19 pandemic. He said his passion for the hobby came back after pulling an old Kobe Bryant card, sending it to PSA to get graded and then getting it back as a 10. Since then, he’s been hooked again.

As for LuckyLouieCards, he said it really took off during the pandemic when he was getting into a lot of breaks.

“It was a really cool experience to kind of to rip cards with people over the internet and kind of chat. I got some really, really good friendships through that and I was able to meet a lot of new people,” Louie said.

While making his friendships, Louie noticed a steep price for breaks and decided it would be cool to start a group with some friends and break cards, while keeping it cost efficient.

“Slowly, we’ve built a nice community within the Facebook,” he said. “That’s mainly where we break. … Just me, myself, trying to break cards with friends, but, hey, at the same time make it cost effective.”

As far as the UFC break that resulted in the Lesnar one of one pull, Louie said, for the sport, he usually does it by weight class, but this was a personal box break. Louie added that he likes to break UFC, because the market isn’t as saturated with UFC products, like other sports.

For this box, one of Louie’s customers, Preston, was the lucky recipient of the Lesnar card. Louie said he had a mix of emotions for Preston following the pull.

“It was definitely a shock, but happiness, because we hit it for one of our customers,” Louie said.

Louie mentioned that his brand created a one of one jackpot, which donates $10 to a pot for every hobby box that is opened that doesn’t contain a one of one card.

“By hitting the Lesnar, Preston basically got those packs for free, because he hit the jackpot,” Louie said.

Preston, meanwhile, was showing exuberance in the live chat, as well as on the side saying how incredible the pull was, according to Louie. Louie added that Preston had been on a cold streak, so he was happy to see him get a big pull.

Louie said that the Lesnar pull is definitely in his top-five amongst a Zion Williamson one of one mosaic, Joe Burrow mosaic and LeBron James pulls.

As for LuckyLouieCards, you can find him on Facebook here, and Instagram here..

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