Upper Deck to produce Halo trading cards, TCGs, and prints

Halo is a franchise that spans generations of gamers. While there hasn’t been a release since Halo Infinite in 2021, fans of the series are never afraid to tap into the nostalgia factor when they pick up an Xbox controller.

It doesn’t stop at video games, however. There are films, shows, comic books, novels, and toys. And thanks to Upper Deck, Halo fans will now get trading cards!

UD announced Wednesday it’s entering a licensing agreement with Microsoft’s 343 Industries’ in which Upper Deck will produce trading cards, TCGs, and prints featuring the expansive franchise.

“Halo is one of the highest-grossing media franchises of all time. We’re very excited to give fans the Upper Deck treatment on this Triple A title and continue to enhance our offerings to fans and collectors,” President Jason Masherah said.

The first release will feature a base set and chase cards highlighting aspects of the Halo universe inside and outside the game. Upper Deck also tells us some of these sets will include autograph and dual autograph cards from voice actors within the Halo world.

We know the base will be 180 cards spanning the ten games across the Halo saga, with four foil board parallels including foil colors, patterned foil, metal, and a numbered Gold Spectrum Foil. The Halo-metal cards draw inspiration from the classic Upper Deck metal design.

Other variants include active camo acetate variant and black and gold mantle variants.

Packs will include five base cards, including the color foil parallels and one insert or chase card, and a box will have six to seven cards from weapon drop, war machines, discovers, and parallels cards.

There will also be four active camo inserts variants, at least one mantle variant numbered out of 999, and one card from either forerunner tech, Cortana chip evolution rampancy, Halo armory, metal variant, and more.

Upper Deck also says there will be “die cut and thematic insert cards with low numbered rarity” and everyone’s favorite one-of-one sketch cards!

Speaking of one-of-one’s, collectors will also find printing plate booklets randomly in packs.

Additionally, UD will produce prints focusing on the longstanding series, giving fans what they call the “collector experience.”

Halo will be available to collectors through hobby shops as well as UpperDeckEpack.com and Upper Deck Store.com.

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