2016 Topps Stadium Club Baseball preview

2016 Topps Stadium Club Baseball marks the third year of the brand’s revival. All of the familiarities of the brand return in 2016, including gorgeous full-bleed images, signed cards and eye-catching inserts. Hobby boxes will come with two autographs each.

16SCBB_8001_Base_HARPER 16SCBB_8002_Base_SCHWARBER 16SCBB_8003_Base_AARON

The base set for Stadium Club features 300 MLB players from the past and present with an additional 25 variations that have limited quantities. Parallels will land one per pack with six levels to chase. Gold Foil, Black Foil and hobby-exclusive Black and White Foil are the three levels you are most likely to find. Rainbow Foilboard parallels are numbered to 25, First Day Issue have ten copies per subject and Members Only parallels are a special case hit.

16SCBB_8008_Auto_SANO 16SCBB_8009_Auto_TROUT 16SCBB_8010_CoSigners_DeGromRyan

Signed versions of the base cards have three levels of parallels: Black (#’d to 50), Gold (#’d to 25) and Orange (#’d 1/1). Additional autograph hits include Lone Star Signatures with Gold parallels numbered out of ten plus one-of-one Orange parallels. Co-Signers feature dual autos are numbered to out five.

16SCBB_8004_BeamTeamAuto_CORREA 16SCBB_8005_BeamTeamAuto_BRYANT 16SCBB_8007_Isometrics_DONALDSON

You’ll find some familiar inserts in 2016 Stadium Club, including Beam Team cards that recognize some of the game’s best players. There is one Beam Team inserts in every box with one Gold version hidden in every case. Ten of the 25 players on the checklist have signed versions that are numbered out of five. Contact Sheet feature multiple players images and are found in one out of every eight boxes with three levels of parallels numbered to 99 or less. Legends Die-Cuts also fall one per box with the chance to find Gold parallels numbered out 25. Isometrics give a statistical report on great hitters and can be found two per box with one Gold version per case.

16SCBB_8007_Triumvirates_L_POSEY 16SCBB_8007_Triumvirates_M_BUMGARNER 16SCBB_8007_Triumvirates_R_PENCE

The Triumvirates die-cut inserts return with three different designs that interlock with each other. Luminous are the easiest to find with one per box, Luminescent are in one out of every four boxes and Illuminator die-cuts are limited to one per case. Instavision holographic cards are another special case hit with Gold versions numbered to 25.

There are two types of buybacks cards in 2016 Stadium Club. Regular buybacks come with Stadium Club buyback foil stamp. There are also ten 1993 Autographed Buybacks that are numbered out of five.

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