The Force Awakens on Friday with two new Topps Star Wars releases

star-wars-force-awakenss1Star Wars fans around the world are waiting with bated breath for the release of the new Star Wars movie, The Force Awakens, on Friday, December 18. To celebrate the release of the new film, Topps has two new Star Wars trading card products that will also be available starting Friday.

Topps Star Wars: The Force Awakens Series 1 is a 100-card set that documents the new movie, much like Topps’s famous Star Wars releases from the 1970s & 80s. Topps even goes so far as to include a character sticker in each pack of The Force Awakens as a tribute to the originals Star Wars sets. On top of the base card set there is also the chance to find autographs from Star Wars actors, including multi-auto cards, manufactured relics and sketch cards.  Star Wars: The Force Awakens Series 2 is due out in March 2016.

The second new Star Wars product from Topps is Star Wars High Tek. It’s the first non-sport release using the High Tek brand, which delivers clear cards printed on acetate with unique background designs. Star Wars High Tek will cover the entire Star Wars galaxy with a base set that includes characters from all seven movies made to this point.

BoyegaRedparallelHigh Tek promises one autograph card per box with a very impressive checklist of signers. Topping the list is the first Topps certified autograph of John Boyega, who plays Finn in The Force Awakens. There are also signed cards from some of the biggest actors of the Star Wars franchise, including Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, Peter Mayhew and Billy Dee Williams.

Star Wars High Tek Hobby Box (Topps 2015)

Star Wars High Tek Hobby Box (Topps 2015)

Product Features
  • 1 Pack Per Box, 8 Cards Per Pack
  • One On-Card Auto or High-Tek Sketch Card Per Box!
  • Dynamic Foil Patterns & Clear Plastic Technology!

May the Force be with collectors everywhere!

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