2014 Bowman Chrome Football preview

2014 Bowman Chrome Football is set to release next week with the usual mix of parallel refractors and autograph cards. Every box will come with one autograph card and one in four boxes will be a “hot box” with two autographs. Bowman Chrome will have images from the 2014 crop of rookies wearing their NFL uniforms.

The set features 220 base cards featuring both rookies and veterans. There are ten different levels of refractor parallels plus one-of-one printing plates. Fifty of the rookies in the set will also have a base card variation.

Rookie Chrome Refractor Autograph Cards are available for up to 75 first-year players with seven levels of parallels numbered to 199 or less.

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There are additional inserts cards that appear at least once per box. Topps Shelf Rookies showcase 30 top rookie players.¬†Bowman’s Best Die-Cuts land two per box with a total of 25 players in the set. Both sets have four levels of die-cut parallels numbered to 50 or less, including autographed Pulsar Refractors (#’d to 5) and autographed SuperFractors (#’d to 1/1).

Franchise Futures Die-Cut Mini cards highlight 15 new players that are expected to have an impact on their their respective team. There is one Gold Die-Cut parallel in every case plus Die-Cut X-Fractors that are numbered to ten.

2014 Bowman Chrome Football Hobby Box

2014 Bowman Chrome Football Hobby Box

Product Features
  • Look for Carr & Garoppolo Rookie Cards!
  • One Autograph Card Per Box!
  • One Pulsar Refractor Per Box!
  • One Topps Shelf Rookie Per Box!


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  1. John G January 2, 2015 at 7:51 am #

    I purchased a case of the Bowman Chrome football, Since there hasn’t been checklist posted yet on Cardboard Connections website, I was wondering what the card #222 was? the set says a 220 card set, Yet I pulled three of the card #222?

    Can you tell me what this is?

    John G