JUST IN: 500 New CGC Graded Comic Books!

Heads up, True Believers! The comic team at D&A Card World has put up over 500 NEW CGC graded comics in the past two weeks! 500! CGC! CAP LOcks…oh, yeah. Sorry. I get a little carried away, but who can blame a guy when he’s looking at a Daredevil #1 9.0, a X-Men #1 5.5, or an Amazing Spider-Man #129 9.6? No one. That answer is no one. And in addition to these great titles, we’ve stocked up on fan favorites like Silver Surfer, Batman, Pre-Code Crime, and, my personal favorite, E.C. Comics.

I’m heading back to the comic room for now, but I urge you to check out what’s new in stock, and, as always, ‘Make Mine Dave & Adam’s!’

Yours truly,

Eric “Marvel Don’t Sue Me” Mowery

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