2015 Panini Spectra Football preview

2015 Panini Spectra Football combines a large collection of colored and die-cut parallels with a decent selection of autograph and memorabilia hits to provide a nice early season release for football collectors. Hobby boxes of Spectra will produce four autographs, seven memorabilia cards and three Prizm parallels (and that’s in a box that only contains 16 cards total).

The base set features over 100 subjects and features a brightly-colored array of parallels. Base cards come in four different neon colors (Blue, Green, Pink and Orange), and each color comes in regular and die-cut versions. Every card in 2015 Spectra is numbered to 199 or less.

panini-america-2015-spectra-football-todd-gurley panini-america-2015-spectra-football-tom-brady

Panini takes take the neon coloring a step further with the Rookie Jersey autos. Players signatures are in neon ink that matches the color of the card. Rookie Jersey autograph cards are numbered to 99 or less. Veteran player jersey auto cards can be found in Spectra as well with Vested Veterans.


Spectra features on-card autographs from football greats on Illustrious Legends cards numbered to 99 or less. Panini has included Hall of Fame and Super Bowl winning autograph cards that have been in previous Panini releases.

panini-america-2015-spectra-football-qc122 panini-america-2015-spectra-football-qc105panini-america-2015-spectra-football-qc133

Relic cards come with swatches in various sizes and quantities. Gigantic Jerseys come with large-sized memorabilia pieces of rookie players. Catalyst relics feature veterans and 2014 rookies entering their rookie season, including Derek Carr, Mike Evans and Teddy Bridgewater, with a medium-sized piece of jersey. More star veterans have Sunday Best relic cards with smaller swatches, and relics from retired greats are found on Epic Legends.

panini-america-2015-spectra-football-qc115 panini-america-2015-spectra-football-qc98panini-america-2015-spectra-football-qc136

For dual relics there are Rising Rookies with two swatches from one player. You can also find dual relics with swatches from two different players that are either teammates (Synced Swatches) or opponents (Rivals). Team Trios and Quads take the multi-relic approach for players of the same team and feature a mix of rookies and veterans.

panini-america-2015-spectra-football-odell-beckham-jr1 panini-america-2015-spectra-football-jameis-winston-marcus-mariota

Immense Materials feature jumbo-sized relics, including patches and one-of-one laundry tag parallels. There are also dual rookie auto versions of Immense Materials with two relic pieces. Gigantic Jerseys offer up more jumbo relics with NFL Shield logo one-of-one parallels.

2015 Panini Spectra Football Hobby Box

2015 Panini Spectra Football Hobby Box

Product Features
  • 4 Packs Per Box, 4 Cards Per Pack
  • 4 autos & 7 memorabilia cards per box
  • Every card #'d to 199 or less!
  • One Autographed Rookie Patch card per box!


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