Comic Buyer Eric Mowery is on a quest to collect every 90s comic book published EVER!

Eric Mowery, one of our comic book buyers, is on a mission: To collect every 90s comic ever made. So when he’s not traveling the country looking at vintage deals for us, he’s rummaging through the quarter bins for Holo-foil gems. Follow his exploits as he chronicles buys, shows, life, and the pursuit of hap…well…the pursuit of something. Podcast to follow. Check out Eric’s blog at the link below:

We hear the first topic covered will be the classic Image title Pitt! We’ll be posting highlights from Eric on our blog here as well.

Is there a 90s title you want to see Eric cover? Email us ([email protected] or [email protected]) or tag us on social media (Facebook and Twitter @dacardworld) and tell us what series you want him to tackle next!



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