Explosive QB Class Rocking Panini Chronicles

Love it or hate it, 2023 Panini Chronicles is back with this year’s star studded rookie class. For Panini products, this is the first time we’re seeing this year’s 2023 NFL draft picks on Panini cardboard. Until 2026, they have the licensing rights to the NFL so we will only be able to see players like Bryce Young in his officially licensed Panthers jersey in Panini products. 

For collectors just getting back into the hobby, or even first time collectors looking to dip their toes in the world of cards, this is a great product to buy and try to understand all of what Panini has to offer. Chronicles gives you all the Panini products in one pack. You’re able to get a feel for what is what, without having to break the bank and fully commit to a hobby box of one set box of cards. I’ve always enjoyed opening this product because it really does help first time collectors (like myself) understand what falls under the Panini umbrella. 

Speculation within the hobby has collectors wondering whether or not some of the draft picks signed exclusive deals with Fanatics. Young, CJ Stroud and Will Levis are just a few of QB’s in question. We saw first glimpses of their autos on Panini’s website from the Rookie Premiere. But it does have me wondering whether or not the hottest names in this year’s rookie class are going to have autos in this year’s Panini products.

The checklist for Chronicles has everything you may have expected and more. Fun inserts and chase cards are making their way back into these boxes. Find Black, XR, and Zenith inserts to rip into. Panini is listening to the cries from collectors by putting Plates and Patches back into this product. There you can find Team Logos, Conference Logos, and Brand Logos of top rookies in this year’s class, which is always a huge draw.

Another thing I found interesting on the item description is the mention of rookie autos like Young and Stroud. There seems to be only Gold Vinyl autos of Bryce Young in this product, with no mention of Stroud or Levis autos. But they do mention Stroud memorabilia you’re able to get, which would be his Ohio State jersey. If quarterbacks like Young and Stroud are the chase autos from this product, would the low percentage of hitting a Bryce Young auto deter you from buying this on release day, or just make the chase that more exciting? Panini and other hobby websites have yet to release the complete checklist, but we’ll have a better idea when that drops.

This product just builds excitement to next year’s Panini products where we’ll finally get to see these picks in their officially licensed jerseys. With news around the league saying that these young talents are taking off on the field and establishing a reputation within the locker rooms as leaders, this draft class could be even more exciting than 2022.

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