2023 Topps Star Wars Finest MORE THAN 2 HITS?!

Topps Finest is entering the galaxy again with the 2023 Topps Star Wars Finest. Debuting last year in the Star Wars franchise, Finest is back with its standard two mini boxes and six packs in each mini.

The guarantee is two HITS per master box with at least ONE autograph or sketch card. Alaina and I used the power of the force to carve through a box to show the Star Wars hobby faithful what lies within.

What if I told you we managed not one but two autos and an additional low-numbered parallel from two mini boxes? The Finest Autograph odds are one in 15 packs but get this. We got a Clem Andor auto, and we pulled a Minas Velti Gold Wave Finest auto out of 50 as well. Odds on that? One in 164 Star Wars Finest packs.

Luckily, the force was in our favor with a little low-numbered bonus. Luminara Unduli only appears on the base set checklist, and we were fortunate enough to pull the black parallel out of 10! We looked, and it seems the black version of the base in Star Wars Finest falls one in every 251 packs on average.

If you want to see other cards we pulled, watch the YouTube video above and look at our hits below with additional autograph parallel information!

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