#MVP Monday: Tony Meyer

And just like that, we have our first MVP Monday of 2022! We hope that everyone enjoyed a safe and happy holiday! This will be the year that you stick to your New Year’s resolution; We can feel it! Every Monday we highlight an employee who has been excelling at their position here at Dave and Adam’s. With the demand for trading cards rising, we have also seen a rise in the demand for new and vintage toys/memorabilia. That’s where our MVP comes in! Meet Tony Meyer, our buyer of entertainment, toys, and video games for Hit Parade! As always, we sit down to talk and learn more about our MVP!

-What was your career before DA/HP?

I was a graphic designer and inbound social media specialist for 5 years at a local SEO company.

Many of our employees come from different backgrounds. This helps keep us well rounded, and also makes problem solving easier when any issue arises.

-Tell me about your background with DA/HP?

Aside from being knowledgeable on all things pop culture related, I am also our video game and toy buyer.

Tony inspects and purchases all things entertainment related. He’s the reason our warehouse is a wonderland full of new and vintage toys/memorabilia!

– In your opinion, what is the most exciting item that you’ve seen pulled from Hit Parade?

It’s very exciting anytime I see a Nintendo Switch Console get pulled, or a 1 ounce gold bar.

As you can tell, Tony has a real flair for the dramatic. We all love to see our customers pull big hits, but no one gets as excited as Tony when he sees that Nintendo Switch; Like a kid on Christmas!

– What are your favorite sports teams and why?

Are the Bills & Sabres the boring answers? When I was a lad, I liked the Dolphins and Bruins for some weird reason. Good thing I grew up!

Yes, thank goodness! A Boston team AND division rivals?!? We’re a little unsure of how that would have gone down at the office!

– Do you have any pets?

I don’t have any pets, but I do have plants that I try to keep alive..

Plants are…fun.. And they need love too! Thanks for helping give us oxygen, Tony!

-Is there a particular moment or time that sticks out about your experience here?

All of the traveling to conventions throughout the years with my coworkers, meeting amazing customers, and making connections with other companies.

At Dave and Adam’s, we have the privilege of travelling to many different destinations to attend card conventions. We’ve made long lasting friendships with different people and companies, and we’re so grateful for the opportunity.

– Do you have any collections of your own?

I have a small VHS collection! My favorite movie that I own on VHS is also my most prized: An original 1st print release of white clamshell Dawn of the Dead (1978)! However, my original releases of Halloween & The Exorcist are close..

Sounds like Tony is a big fan of the horror genre, and what a cool/unique thing to collect! Someday soon, VHS will come back with a vengeance just like vinyls and cassette tapes, and Tony is going to be set! 😉

– Do you play video games in your free time? What’s your favorite?

I don’t play games very often, but if I do it is Destiny, or some classic Rollercoaster Tycoon on my original Xbox! My favorite game of all time is “The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time”, and my favorite game right now is “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.”

Zelda seems to be a huge hit around the office, and who can blame them? However, I think I speak for everyone when I say that Rollercoaster Tycoon just brought back a flood of memories.

– Is there an achievement or contribution that you are most proud of?

One achievement that sticks out to me is the creation, development and growth of our Hit Parade Toy, Mystery, Comic, and Entertainment divisions. These divisions have surpassed the goals and projections each year and continue to thrive.

We are so proud of what Hit Parade as a whole has been able to accomplish since its inception, and we know that we will continue to flourish with all of our hard working and talented employees such as yourself!

– What inspires you to be the best at your job?

The drive to have the best repack products on the market, creating new/exciting products, and making each of our series bigger and better!

And you pass all of the above with flying colors! Thank you for all that you do for us Tony; we wouldn’t be the same without you!

Thank you once again for joining us for our MVP Monday Employee spotlight! Be sure to follow us on facebook, twitter, and instagram for updates on all things Dave and Adam’s! Catch you next week!

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