DA Video Game Team will be at Wizard World Cleveland this weekend!

We are happy to announce that this year at Wizard World Cleveland (March 2nd-4th) there will be a huge display of video games for sale! These video games range from popular common titles to very rare, expensive and hard to find games like Panzer Dragoon Saga, Earthbound (Boxed Complete), and Popful Mail Fantasy Adventure for Sega CD! Pictured is a very small collection of some of the higher end video games being brought to Cleveland. The games will span all different kinds of systems including Nintendo, Sega, Sony PlayStation and even new generation PS4 VR games and Xbox titles! We will even have some original NES systems with us for sale as well to get you started. Don’t forget we will be buying as well from on the show floor so if you have video games laying around we can offer you top dollar! Email Tony Meyer at the show [email protected]!



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