What’s Up in the DACW Live Lounge – July 27th

This past week the DACW Live Lounge saw the release of 2016 Topps Allen & Ginter Baseball. It’s always a very popular release among collectors as it gives us a look into the past where the hobby began. It still displays the old-timey portraits of the athletes (since it’s not exclusively baseball) and entertainers. It is also a product that can yield some very exciting hits. Allen & Ginter has become famous (or infamous to some collectors) for its Rip card hits. These cards are essentially cards that have mini cards within them that can only be seen if the original card is torn open. Some of the mini rip cards carry tremendous value while others aren’t much better than the rip card itself. The question “To rip or not to rip?” can drive a collector mad if they pull one. When you think about it in a somewhat ironic way I never really have to worry about whether or not I should rip it (since it’s literally my job to rip boxes and packs). But I digress, our breaks of A&G were quite successful as we scored a stunning booklet auto of Manny Machado (the DACWLibrary is booming), a nice Correa Frame Auto /25, a Julio Urias SP rookie, and an extremely cool Ancient Rome Coin relic (that I forgot to take a picture of). Overall I would recommend getting a box and checking it out since there are a lot of cool inserts and non-sport autographs.

Maybe somewhat lost in the shuffle in the Ginter release was this year’s release of Panini Noir Basketball. Like noirs in cinema this products was a bit of a mystery to us since we didn’t really open any of last year’s edition so this was our first foray into it. I would have to say some of the cards in it are absolutely marveling. Tons of great multi-color relics really were used and they really stand out on the faded black stock. Of course the last card in the break was this sick Karl-Anthony Towns RPA that helped us solve the mystery that was Panini Noir Basketball.

towns noir

Finally for my favorite hit of the week, it’s yet another Connor McDavid autograph as the Lounge continues to be the place to get them. This one comes obviously comes from 2015/16 SP Authentic Hockey and just goes to show how awesome the “Authentic Moments” set really is. They are pretty much a guaranteed lock to be my favorite hit when we pull them.

connor draft

That’s a wrap folks! The National is only a few days away, so jump into those National breaks that we have up because we have already sold out a bunch of them and I don’t want you to miss out!

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