Mojobreak CEO Caskey joins ‘The Chase’ Crew

CEO discusses Mac Jones shield auto 1/1 pull

By David Yarger

“The Chase” Co-Host

Monday morning, “The Chase” crew got to speak with Mojobreak CEO Doug Caskey regarding another big pull from the Panini Flawless collection.

Recently, the crew at Mojobreak pulled a one of one Mac Jones NFL shield auto, garnering a loud and exciting reaction.


Caskey said it was the second briefcase of the first case and it was pulled by Dan, another breaker with Mojobreak. Upon opening the case, the excitement began immediately, as Caskey yells upon the sight of the Mac Jones card, meanwhile Dan, as Caskey said with a laugh, ran about a mile around the company building.

“I got the phone out to film and I’m standing right behind him and he pops that thing open. I saw the ink at the beginning and I knew it was Mac Jones and it took me a second to realize, Wow, that is the one of one shield of Mac Jones that’s sitting right in front of us. As you can see in the video, the raw emotion from both of us was unbelievable,” Caskey said.

He added that it ranks as possibly a top-10 pull by Mojobreak, and it was a great moment to have as a company and to be able to share it with customers was even better.

The winner of the card, Caskey said, is a Patriots fan and collector who has been seeking Mac Jones for a while now. Caskey said the collector, Jeremy, who entered the “pick your team” style break for $2,000, had a fun reaction to the pull as well.

“He did not react in the chat, so I didn’t think he was there. He actually said he wished he recorded it because he was running just like Dan. So we would have a great viral video of him running and Dan running maybe side by side.” Caskey said.

Jeremy will be coming into the Mojobreak studio to discuss the card in the upcoming weeks. Caskey said Jeremy is currently torn on what to do with the card. Being a Patriots fan and pulling such a prestigious card, he is debating whether to sell or to keep as a prized possession.

From an advice standpoint, Caskey understood the reality that it is a tough decision to either keep or sell the card. As a 49ers fan, Caskey said if he pulled a Trey Lance card of the Mac Jones nature, it would be a tough decision to let go of it.

“As a non-Patriot collector, I believe I would sell it and probably pick up a nice Brady Contenders and have some leftover cash after that,” he said.

He added that right now is a good time to sell, because there is very little risk of Jones getting hurt and the card becoming devalued in any certain way.

Caskey added that, in addition to the Jones 1/1 pull, Jeremy also won a Jones and Drew Bledsoe dual-card, as well as a Mac Jones inside auto numbered to 15.

The Jones pull was obviously a notable one for Mojobreak and Caskey added that it’s up there with other pulls such as a two LeBron James logomans, including a Flawless one from his first Lakers game; a Luka Doncic numbered out of five patch and a Black Prizm Trae Young one of one. With those pulls, Caskey said, the value of the card increased over time, while the Mac Jones pull might be the highest pull value right off the rip.

Also on “The Chase” …

The crew also discussed a list of the top-five rookies for the month of June, as posted by The list is as follows:

5. Mackenzie Gore, San Diego Padres, pitcher

The rundown: Gore has been good this season, posting a 3.64 ERA and 4-3 record so far. He’s gotten roughed up his last two starts against the Rockies, which has led to a rise in his ERA, but regardless of the dud outings, he’s been a big help to a Padres team that is currently 41-27 and half a game behind the NL West leading Los Angeles Dodgers.

4. Christopher Morel, Chicago Cubs, outfielder

The rundown: Morel burst onto the scene for the Cubs on May 17. His first at-bat resulted in not just his first career hit, but a first career home run in front of an ecstatic Wrigley Field crowd. His production has continued strong, boasting a .264 average with five home runs and 15 RBIs. For the Cubs, the team is in the midsts of a rebuild, but it looks like the future could revolve around Morel as the Cubbies move forward.

3. Hunter Greene, Cincinnati Reds, pitcher

The rundown: Greene’s stats truly aren’t fair for how he’s fared in his rookie campaign. With a 3-7 record and 5.26 ERA, those stats don’t seem pretty to the common eye, but Greene, quite frankly, is pitching for a bad team. To give you an idea, Greene was actually part of a combined no-hitter versus the Pirates … that the Reds lost.  In the month of June, Greene has gotten his control together, only walking four batters in four starts. Moving forward, Greene will be an interesting prospect as he pitches in a hitters park, in addition for a team that is currently in a rebuild.

2. Bobby Witt Jr., Kansas City Royals, shortstop

The rundown: Witt Jr. came into the season as one of the most highly hyped prospects in Royals history. Witt’s father was also a pitcher in the MLB. After a very slow start, Witt has turned it around and become a bright spot on an underachieving Royals squad. He currently posts a .241 average, with eight home runs and 32 RBIs. Defensively, he’s played 30 games at third base and 36 at shortstop with a combined .971 fielding percentage. Witt’s card value, as he continues to heat up, seems to be rising, with auto cards going for a couple hundred dollars.

1. Julio Rodriguez, Seattle Mariners, outfielder

The rundown: Another big time prospect that came in with ultra hype around the Seattle organization, Rodriguez got off to a slow start, but has turned it on of late. He’s currently batting .265 with eight home runs and 30 RBIs as the Mariners every day centerfielder. After a .205 start in April, Rodriguez batted .305 in May and now .257 in June.


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