What’s Up in the DACW Live Lounge – July 21st

Another busy week of breaking here in the Lounge and we continued that with a few awesome breaks of the new 2016 Topps Tribute Baseball. Initially slated to come out before the start of the season, it wasn’t released until the All-Star Break. After the issues with last year’s release I think Topps wanted to make sure all their ducks were in order and I don’t blame them. Early returns show that this was the right move as the cards look really sharp. I loved the inclusion of superfractor hits in this product as they look marvelous and really help the value. I also noticed there were more booklet hits which are always fun to get. That Frank Robinson/Adam Jones one is quite a doozy and it would be hard to wait on. It is definitely a nice release that we will be sure to open more of going forward.

Archer super big hurt mvp trouty mvp jones robinson book pitcher book thor red
















Building off the booklets that we pulled in Tribute we have seen a bit of an uptick in the amount of awesome booklet cards being pulled in the Lounge which made me refer to us as the DAWCLibrary. They are always super exciting to pull since you have the suspense of actually having to open them to see the greatness within. Even though I’m not 100% sure Sean can even read I hope that we can keep pulling books for you folks and keep the DACWLibrary open. These are two of my favorite books pulled in the last few days, a phenomenal John Tavares auto book from 2015/16 SP Authentic with a fantastic shot of him saluting the Islanders faithful and a stunning Tre Mason Armory booklet from 2014 Panini Playbook. Armory cards are without a doubt one of my favorite sets and it was much too long since we had pulled one.

johnny t book mason armory









For my favorite hit of the week, it’s simply this magnificent Michael Jordan Exquisite Auto from 2014/15 SP Authentic Basketball. Jordan autos are becoming scarcer and scarcer without an Upper Deck Basketball license so when we pull on as nice as this we must cherish it!

jordan exquisite










That’s it for me! Its less than two weeks until the National! Don’t miss out on any of the breaks that Sean and I will be doing all week. Join in right here! http://www.dacardworld.com/live

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