Wizard World Cleveland Show Recap

Last week members of our buying team hit the road to make the short drive from our offices in Buffalo, NY to Cleveland, OH to setup at Wizard World Cleveland…and boy did they have a blast! The team left a day before the show started to get everything setup and check out some of the local comic book and toy shops along the way.

Like any good road trip, there were multiple stops. Here are some highlights!

The first shop they visited was called Carol and John Comic Shop, which they say was a very nice comic book store. They had tons of back issues, modern books, toys and statues. It was a lot of fun to walk around and take a look at what they had to offer – there was also a friendly cat wondering around. With the friendly atmosphere and great selection, our guys would recommend this shop to any comic enthusiast.

The team then ventured over to Ground Zero Comics in Strongsville, OH to check out what they had or sale. If you are into full movie replica props, statues, and other eye popping items then this is the place for you! As you walked in the door you were greeted by a full size K-2SO (Star Wars: Rouge One) Statue, and a ton more to follow. Ground Zero offered a nice selection of modern comics as well as some Magic the Gathering cards. One of the coolest features in the store is located in the very back of the shop. Hanging on the wall there is a full size U.S.S FLAGG G.I. Joe ship. The Toy is massive and very real, check it out it in the following picture.

After a brief stop at JC Comic & Cards to pick up some Vintage Star Wars toys and Comic Books we were recommended to check out another store in the area called The Toys Time Forgot. From the second you walk in you instantly get hit with nostalgia! Tony, Our Vintage Toy Buyer, is still saying WOW! Everything & anything that relates to Vintage Toys that you could possibly be looking for can be found at this store. There are rows of toys, comic books, cards, statues and yes even video games! You can see in the images that not only everything is neat but well organized as well in sections and categories. There was so much cool stuff even on the way out Tony was seeing things he hadn’t before. This family owned and operated store was not only so much fun just to walk around, but the staff was amazing as well. The owners two sons helped our team find things, give great information and even better…some great prices! We can not recommend stopping at this store enough if you are in the area, it is a little bit of a drive from Cleveland to Canal Fulton, OH but it is worth every mile!

After all that shopping it was time to get down to business and what we do best…setup and get the show underway! Wizard World Cleveland was March 8-10th 2019 and we were setup for all three days selling Comic Books, Video Games, Toys and Gaming Cards. We met some great collectors and dealers at that show and would like to thank everyone that was able to stop by. We will be on the road next to head to Chicago to C2E2 and can’t wait to get that underway! If you are headed to the show, be sure to stop by and say hi to Will, Tony and Mike!

Looking to sell your Comic Books, Video Games or Vintage Toys? Contact our buyers today and they will be happy to work with you.

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