2016 Topps U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Team Hopefuls previews

One of things to look forward to on the 2016 sports calendar will be the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. Topps provides a glimpse at some of the athletes Americans will be cheering for this summer with 2016 U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Team Hopefuls. This marks the third Olympic release for Topps as they previously covered the 2012 Summer and 2014 Winter games. Each box comes with one autograph, one relic card and one commemorative relic per box.

16USAO_Base_SS_1007_WipedJersey_LORES 16USAO_MemorableMoments_SS_6101 16USAO_MemorableMoments_SS_6005

The base set highlights 100 of the more recognizable athletes that will represent the United States in Rio. The checklist will cover a number of sports, including basketball, swimming and gymnastics. Three out of the four levels parallels are relatively easy to find: Bronze (1 per pack), Silver (1:2 packs), Gold (1:3 packs) and Gold Rainbow (#’d 1/1). The base set is supplemented with three set of inserts. Olympic Disciplines highlight the different sports to be contested at the Rio games. Memorable Moments highlight great moments in U.S. Olympic history. Closing Ceremonies recap previous Olympiads, including the countries that took home the most medals.

16USAO_BaseAuto_SS_2228 16USAO_USOlympicChampAuto_SS_2025

Base autographs in Olympic Hopefuls include signed cards from 40 different athletes. Numbered parallels include Bronze, Silver, Gold and Gold Rainbow (#’d 1/1) versions. A collection of ten memorable American gold medalists will be featured in the hobby-exclusive U.S. Olympic Champion autograph cards. Olympic Champion autos featured Red, Gold and Gold Rainbow parallels. Topps has also included one-of-one U.S. Olympic Cut Signature cards featuring signature from iconic athletes to represent the USA in the Olympics.


Olympic Hopefuls auto relics feature an athlete’s signature as well as piece of athlete-worn memorabilia. These have base versions as well as Red, Gold and Gold Rainbow numbered parallels. U.S. Olympic Team relics feature a checklist of 50 different athletes. Numbered parallel versions include Bronze, Silver, Gold and one-of-one Gold Rainbow parallel versions.

Topps has produced four different types of Commemorative Relic cards as well. Look for U.S. Olympic team, American flagĀ  and U.S. Olympic team crest patch cards. Each relic has a checklist of about 25 different athletes with low-numbered Red and Gold parallels. Commemorative Olympic Medal cards come in Bronze, Silver and Gold editions and also have low-numbered Red and Blue parallels.

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