2015 Star Wars High Tek preview

Baseball collectors will be very familiar with the latest Star Wars offering from Topps. 2015 Topps Star Wars High Tek is a sci-fi take on the Topps baseball product that made it’s return in 2014 (and spawned a football version coming out later this year). High Tek cards printed on clear acetate stock with unique background designs. Each eight-card box will come with either an autograph or a High-Tek sketch card.

15SWHT_BASE_1003_HanSolo 15SWHT_BASE_1004_DarthVader 15SWHT_BASE_2013_PloKoon 15SWHT_BASE_2028_GenGrievous

There are only 112 base card, referred to as Pattern 1, in Star Wars High Tek, but the real chase comes in collecting all the different parallels versions and variations. There are four levels of numbered parallels: Tidal Diffractor (#’d to 99), Gold Rainbow (#’d to 50), Red Orbit Diffractor (#’d to 5) and Black Galactic Diffractor (#’d 1/1) plus one-of-one printing proofs. Cards featuring variations on the base pattern also have Red Orbit Diffractor (#’d to 5) and Black Galactic Diffractor (#’d 1/1) parallel versions.

15SWHT_TekHeads_C3PO 15SWHT_ArmorTEK_BobaFett 16TLOB_MomentsofPower_YODA

Inserts in Star Wars High Tek include Living Tek, which features Droids from the series as well as other characters that have been aided by technology. Armor Tek focuses on memorable armor for the Star Wars galaxy. Moments of Power relive memorable moments in the series.

15SWHT_BASE_AUTO_1002_PrincessLeia 15SWHT_BASE_AUTO_1001_LukeSkywalker

Autographs in Star Wars High Tek will feature on-card signatures. Signed cards will have four levels of parallels numbered to 50 or less and one-of-one printing plates.

15SWHT_SketchCard2 15SWHT_SketchCard

Sketch cards come with a special High Tek frame and are numbered to varying degrees of scarcity.

Star Wars High Tek Hobby Box (Topps 2015)

Star Wars High Tek Hobby Box (Topps 2015)

Product Features
  • 1 Pack Per Box, 8 Cards Per Pack
  • One On-Card Auto or High-Tek Sketch Card Per Box!
  • Dynamic Foil Patterns & Clear Plastic Technology!

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