2012 Topps Football is NOW LIVE

Today marks the long awaited arrival of 2012 Topps Football.

This year, Topps Football celebrates the Old and the NEW together with autograph cards featuring the rookies in the 1984 Topps card design.  A total of 35 of the hottest newcomers are featured with ON-CARD autographs in this retro design.

In addition to the 1984 design, the 2012 Rookies (along with some veterans) will also have ON-CARD autographs on the classic 1965 Topps Football design.  If you remember, these cards were shaped a little different…they were taller and slimmer giving them a sleek, unique, awesome look.  We call them the Tall Boys.

Look for these autographed retro cards featuring the hottest rookies in 2012 Topps Football, which streets TODAY!

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