Phenomenal Pulls: 2012 Topps Football Big Hit

Like many others, Bob pre-ordered some 2012 Topps Football boxes off of our website to test it out. LUCKily for him he pulled something HUGE.

2012 Topps Andrew Luck Rookie Auto

Bob was amazed, here is what he had to say;

‘Stunned! I was absolutely stunned when I pulled Andrew Luck autograph from the shipment of two Topps football boxes I received from you guys! In this same box I also pulled a bronze QB Milestone Coin card which odds out at 1:3,000+. I am so jacked up on this pull I’m ordering a case tonight!’

Thanks for your confidence is our company Bob and good luck on the case!!

If you pulled something sick from a box from us, send it in and you could be featured on Phenomenal Pulls!!

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One Response to Phenomenal Pulls: 2012 Topps Football Big Hit

  1. Tom Sterk August 10, 2012 at 9:08 am #

    Congratulations! Excellent Pull! Hopefully I will be this LUCKy and pull something like this.