Phenomenal Pulls: Warren Spahn Cut Auto

Thanks to Matt for sending in his Warren Spahn Cut Auto he pulled from 2007 Upper Deck SP Legendary Cuts. The card is a “quotation cuts” and has Gerald Hern’s poem on it:

“First we’ll use Spahn, then we’ll use Sain, Then an off day, Followed by rain, Back will come Spahn, Followed by Sain, and Followed, We Hope, By Two Days of Rain” – Gerald Hern

Warren Spahn Auto

I am contacting you of a great pull I got out of a box of 2007 SP Legendary Cuts Baseball I had ordered a couple of days ago .  Usually when I buy a box of cards I will let my girlfriend open half of the packs, and so this time was no different.  When she opened the box I let her pick her packs.  I pulled nothing and she pulled both inserts in the box.  The first was an Eddie Murray jersey card.  Then, her last pack was a cut signature card (Quotation Cuts) of Warren Spahn # 37 of 60.  This was my first cut card out of the 18 years of collecting!

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