#MVPMonday: Kevin Snyder

At Dave & Adam’s our employees are our all-stars… our favorite MVPs in the game!

This week’s #MVPMonday is Kevin Snyder, a Dave & Adam’s fulfillment specialist.

Prior to Dave & Adam’s, Kevin spent five years in toy retail working for Toys ‘R’ Us. He started as a seasonal overnight employee restocking product. Within three years, Kevin made it all the way to department supervisor. One of the highlights of his tenure of the job was to wear the Geoffrey costume for the day. A true crowning achievement.

After five years with Toys ‘R’ Us, Kevin was attracted by the opportunity to work for Dave & Adam’s.

“I’ve always been a big sports guy. I wasn’t really much of a sports card or memorabilia collector as a kid, but as I grew up, I found a new appreciation for collectibles and even started a collection for myself.”

Kevin started with Dave & Adam’s pulling orders for our customers in the warehouse. But over time, Kevin moved over to our shipping department.

“On any given day we ship thousands of packages. In the shipping department, it’s my job to check, box, and process orders to send them out to our customers.”

Sending packages in the trading card industry is no easy task. Each package has to be carefully packed and protected in order to be absolutely sure that the customer receives their product in pristine condition. With the industry in a boom, there are boxes of trading cards worth well over a thousand dollars that we ship to our customers. Our crew in the shipping department is so important. It is important that each product reaches the customer in the same condition as it was in the warehouse.

With the industry’s increase in popularity during the pandemic, the shipping department has not stopped.

“From working in the shipping department at the very beginning of the pandemic to witnessing how quickly business picked up was absolutely crazy to me. The biggest challenge was keeping up with the increased volume we have seen over the last year across all aspects with the company.  From the shipping side, seeing our Hit Parade team push out more products, as well as our buyers bringing in more boxes. It wasn’t easy keeping up at first. However as a team, we all work together to create the best experience possible for our customers.  My piece of the puzzle is making sure that the customer’s products have been delivered to them as safely as possible.”

Working throughout the pandemic must have been difficult, but being a part of the team helped you through it. What do you think about your coworkers here at Dave & Adam’s?

“It really is a family environment.  There have been people with this company from anywhere between a couple months to twenty plus years. Everyone makes you feel that you have known them all your life! I think it’s that comradery that really elevates our company.”

Thank you Kevin for being a part of that comradery that makes Dave & Adam’s one of the best in the business.

Thank you for joining us for another MVP Monday!

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