Beckett Grading Suspends Services Ahead of National

Another grading company suspends their services in order to catch up with the backlog of ungraded cards that have come in this past year. This time, it is Beckett Grading Services.

Collectors and dealers have been patiently waiting for months to receive their orders that have been submitted. Meanwhile, grading companies have not stopped, as submissions keep rolling in this past year with collectors and sellers looking to take advantage of a risen market.

Starting Monday, June 7th, Dallas-based Beckett Grading will send back any submissions other than Premium Level services.

“All orders that are submitted under the Express, Standard, and Economy level will be returned to the customer, ungraded,” said Beckett Collectibles President Jeromy Murray. “The reason behind this decision is simply to allow us to focus on the growing backlog we have and to get as many cards back to customers as possible, before the National. This is not ideal for anyone but something our competition has done.”

PSA, Beckett’s direct competitor, also suspended their grading services back in late March 2021. Although it has been two months and PSA is caught up on processing, they still haven’t started accepting new orders again aside from their high-level services as well. However, they announced on Twitter yesterday that they will be providing on-site grading services at the 41st National Sports Collectors Convention in Chicago (July 28 to Aug. 1).

Will Beckett do the same?

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