NFL Recap Week 15

What an absolute whirlwind of a weekend in the NFL community. We had some close games, some not so close games, some shockers, and enough postponements to drive your dad insane. It’s one of his only days off during the week, and all he wants to do is watch football. You’re telling me you’re going to take multiple games away from him?!? And even worse, move it to a Tuesday?! C’MON MAN!

The Chiefs and Chargers kicked off week 15 with a BANG. A back and forth battle to the end, this divisional matchup was INTENSE. Patrick Mahomes got off to an early 10-0 lead, but Herbert said he’s seen enough as he rallied his team to a 14-10 halftime lead. The stars balled out in the second half, with Ekeler, Hill, Allen, and Kelce all scoring touchdowns that inevitably led the game to OT. Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce reminded us that All-Pros are All-Pros for thriving under pressure, as it only took them an extra minute and fifteen seconds to find the endzone and win the game. Kelce caught two passes, including the game winner, on the final drive, and finished the game with a measly 10 receptions for 191 yards and two touchdowns. Patrick Mahomes re-solidified his “elite” tag with 410 yards and three touchdowns. What a way to start the weekend! Look for that prized Mahomes rookie card here. Chiefs beat the Chargers in OT, 34-28.

Where are all the Mac Jones stans at? Kind of funny that the internet goes dead silent whenever the Patriots lose. The Patriots got a taste of their own medicine as they lost to a quarterback who threw for only 57 yards. This comes only a few weeks after the Pats beat the Bills with only two completed passes. Anyways, Jonathan Taylor wants everyone to know that running backs can win MVP too. Taylor helped his team win the game to the tune of 170 yards and one touchdown, and it seems as though this sport is too easy for him. He has 500 more rushing yards than the next top rusher, and needs 587 more yards to break Dickerson’s single season record (with the lengthened season). I’m saying there’s a chance; that’s roughly 196 yards/game over the last three weeks, but that seems like a regular Sunday for the NFL’s most elite back. Chase the beast’s rookie cards here. He’s got my vote. Colts beat the Pats 27-17.

The early slate of games is kicked off with the Buffalo Bills stomping on the Carolina Panthers on their home turf. Stefon Diggs and Devin Singletary each found the endzone to put the Bills up 14-0. Cam tried to make things interesting with a rushing touchdown and 2PT conversion, but the Bills defense didn’t break, finishing with four sacks and an INT. Josh Allen found his monster-sized second year WR, Gabriel Davis, for two touchdowns this Sunday afternoon, as Carolina could not find anyone to cover a man of this stature. Easy 31-14 win for the Bills as they push to reclaim their AFC East title.

In the wild, assuming they ever crossed paths, you would assume that a lion would devour a cardinal no problem. However, in the NFL, the Cardinals are one of the most feared teams, while the Lions are a laughing stock. But NOT THIS WEEK. JARED GOFF SAID NOT TODAY. This year, the NFL has been a whirlwind of surprises and shockers, and if anything it has proven that any team can be beat on any given Sunday by any given team. But if you told me that the clear cut best team would lose to the clear cut worst team… well you’d be right. Goff came out slinging the ball, putting up 24 points while the Cardinals could only manage a field goal. Murray seemed to be lost without his number one receiver, and the Cardinals drop the ball to the lowly Lions, 30-12. Goff finished the game near perfect for 216 yards and three touchdowns. To me, it’s hard to not root for Goff after being shipped against his will to the worst franchise in the league. Hopefully he can turn things around and make Detroit a respected football city for the first time in forever!

The Dolphins continue their hot streak with a win in the division vs. the Jets. Zach Wilson led his young and banged up offense on the field, minimized mistakes, and even scored a couple touchdowns. However, as has been the story all year, the Jets defense couldn’t stop a grandma crossing the street. Surprisingly, the Jets had a pick six to tie the game with eight minutes left, but Devante Parker caught a pass on the next drive to win the game 31-24. With their sixth straight win, the Dolphins find themselves on the outside looking in with a piping hot AFC wild card race.

The Cowboys inch closer to a playoff berth with a win over the injury-riddled NY Giants, bringing their record to an impressive 10-4. Dak and Zeke each scored touchdowns this afternoon, but this team is going to go as far as their defense takes them; No one is playing better defense during this home stretch than the Dallas Cowboys. Demarcus Lawrence and Micah Parsons bring the pressure, the QB throws a duck, and Trevon Diggs is out there somewhere for the easy interception. That’s the recipe. It doesn’t always work out that way, but in the case of the Cowboys, it happens A LOT. Diggs now has a phenomenal 10 ints on the season, as he hopes to help his team steal the no. 1 spot in the NFC. Look for the elite CB’s rookie card here! Cowboys win 21-6. 

Big Ben and the Steelers are inconsistent, and Ryan Tannehill and the Titans are imploding. That should make this an interesting game, right? Well, not really. A slow paced and field goal riddled game goes to the Steelers, 19-13. TEN still holds first place in the division, but Carson Wentz and the Colts are knocking on the door. Pitt is still clawing their way from the bottom, as their record improves to 7-6-1.

Remember how I said the Texans are bad? Well, the Jaguars are even worse. Honestly, what a train wreck of a season for the Jags, and that all starts with Urban Meyer, but maybe we’ll save that for another blog post. As Davis Mills continues to fight for control of this team, he understands that he must involve his one and only star, Brandin Cooks, who finished the game with 102 yards and two touchdowns. Davis Mills continues to impress, and he outplays a fellow rookie in Trevor Lawrence. The Texans end a three game losing streak with a final score of 30-16. Look for both of their rookie cards here!

The hot and cold Bengals win a close one against the Broncos, even with Ja’Marr Chase crashing back to earth. I hope no one started the likely rookie of the year this week in Fantasy, as he posted a dud with one reception for three yards. Unfortunately for the Broncos, Teddy Bridgewater had to leave the game with an injury, and Drew Lock did all that he could in relief. Lock threw a touchdown to Tim Patrick to give the Broncos a 10-9 lead in the third quarter, but Joe Burrow immediately responded with a 56 yd touchdown of his own to Tyler Boyd. This proved to be the game winning touchdown, as the Bengals win 15-10. The Bengals seize a first place tie with the Ravens in the AFC North. 

The 49ers did anything they wanted this week, effectively passing and running with ease against the porous Falcon’s defense. Matty Ice is doing all that he can to keep this franchise afloat, but injuries, lack of talent, and poor management are severely hindering his ability to do so. It seems like whoever runs the ball for the 49ers is poised to put up huge numbers, as Jeff Wilson Jr. rushed for 110 yards and a touchdown in relief of the injured Eli Mitchell. Big shocker here: Deebo Samuel scored yet another rushing touchdown as he challenges Cordarelle Patterson for the best utility player in the NFL. Jimmy G rounded out the scoring with a touchdown pass of his own, and the 49ers beat the Falcons 31-13. 

The afternoon is rounded out with a doozy of a game in Baltimore, as the Green Bay Packers headed to town. Tyler Huntley did his best Lamar Jackson impression, and boy did he look a lot like him. Huntley threw for 215 yards and two touchdowns, and added 73 yards and another two scores on the ground. He consistently found his star TE, Mark Andrews, as he finished the game with a stellar 136 yards and two touchdowns. However, Aaron Rodgers was on the opposing sideline, and he’s not known to go down without a fight. Despite stellar play from their back up QB, Baltimore’s defense had no answers for Aaron Rodgers, as he threw three touchdowns to three different receivers. With 42 seconds left in the game, Tyler Huntley ran in his second touchdown to bring the game within a PAT. But, as you know, John Harbaugh likes to gamble in these situations. The Ravens decided to go for two points to win the game, but yet again miss the mark to Mark Andrews (no pun intended), and they lose the game 31-30. That’s 0 for 2 on game winning two point conversions for John Harbaugh and the Ravens, so maybe he should just test his luck in OT next time? With this loss, the Ravens allowed the Bengals to tie for first place in the AFC North Division. 

Sunday night football was an absolute SNOOZEFEST. Good thing it was the night game, huh? Tom Brady could not get anything going, as he lost Chris Godwin, Mike Evans, and Leonard Fournette to injury in the first half of this ugly game. Not to be controversial, but didn’t Peyton Manning torch the league with only Austin Collie and Pierre Garcon to throw to? Whatever, doesn’t matter. Or does it? The Saints shutout the Bucs with three field goals, 9-0. 

Even with two games being moved to the Monday night slate, it seemed as though each team was trying to prove that they could be as boring as the Bucs-Saints game. The night was kicked off with the Raiders taking on the covid-infested Browns. With Baker Mayfield forced to sit out this week, Nick Mullens did everything in his power to manage this game to a victory. Nick Chubb continued to impress with 91 yards and a touchdown, but Derek Carr and the Raiders rallied to win the game on a last second field goal. Daniel Carlson drilled a 48 yarder to make the score 16-14, bringing both team’s records to 7-7. I’m not saying it’s likely, but I’m saying THERE’S A CHANCE that each of these teams can squeak into that final wild card spot with a little help. A small chance, but a chance nonetheless.

Justin Fields and the Bears hosted their division rival, the Minnesota Vikings. Fields had an impressive game statistically, throwing for nearly 300 yards and a last second touchdown, while the Bears combined for over 100 yards on the ground. However, untimely turnovers spoiled the night for the Bear’s home crowd. I would be sick to see Kirk Cousins only throw for 87 yards and still get the victory, but we’ve been seeing that all too often around the league. Vikings take out the Bears 17-9, bringing their record to 7-7 in the seventh and final spot in the NFC wild card race. 

With three weeks remaining, the playoff race is beginning to get real steamy in both conferences. Atop the AFC is none other than the Chiefs, with NE and TEN only one game behind. We then have CIN, IND, LAC, BUF, and BAL all tied at 8-6, with Baltimore losing that five way tie in the 8th spot. Right behind them is a plethora of .500 teams that are begging for their chance to show out in the playoffs. The NFC playoff race is led by the Packers, with DAL, TB, and ARI all tied at 10-4. If the Rams pull out a win tonight, they will also be tied and could potentially take over the no.1 spot in the NFC West. SF and MIN hold the final two playoff spots, but there are several sub par teams knocking on the door, waiting for MIN or NO to lose.

Last but not certainly not least, we have two games on a TUESDAY. I know it’s kind of a pain, but you have to be lowkey happy that we have another day of watching football, right? We have two divisional matchups, with the Seahawks visiting the Rams, and the Football Team flying out to Philly. The Rams need to come out firing if they want that No. 1 spot in the NFC West, and I think they will do just that. I predict a big game from Aaron Donald, and Kupp to continue his path to record breaking numbers. Rams 35-17.

To be honest, I don’t really care what happens in the other game, but I think Hurts will show out for his home crowd. Philly takes out Washington in a close one, 17-14.

I don’t wanna say I’m always right, but I was pretty dang close last week with my prediction. Thanks for tuning in, and be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for updates on all things Dave and Adam’s! 

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