Eli Manning Football Card Collection Purchased


Steve Snekser, our modern single cards buyer, purchases collections from around the country all the time. We’ve featured some of his cool purchases in the past, like this near complete set of 2003/04 Upper Deck Exquisite Basketball, or this grouping of high end basketball rookies and autographs. Whether it is autographs, patch cards, low numbered inserts, or valuable rookie cards – Steve has great cards coming across his desk all the time.

Steve is known around the office for being a big fan of Peyton Manning. When you stop by his desk to check out some of the stuff he’s bought and is adding to our website, you’ll always notice some Peyton gear including wall decals and even a rookie year starting lineup that’s proudly displayed above his desk.


When he recently received a call from a seller looking to turn his Manning collection into cash he knew he’d enjoy going through the collection even more than normal. There was only one small detail, the cards were of the little brother, Eli. Even though it wasn’t a complete collection of Peyton’s there were some dual autographs in the collection featuring both star quarterbacks. All was not lost on the bonus excitement factor.

Steve went through the list of cards and made the seller a cash offer. After a quick shipment and payment the collection is now in stock on our website. You can view all of the Eli Manning cards here.

Below is a picture of Steve with the collection, as well as a few of the highlights (2004 Playoff Contenders RC Auto BGS 9, 2004 UD SPA Dual Auto with Peyton #ed to 50 BGS 9, 2004 UD Foundations Dual Auto with Peyton BGS 9).

Eli Manning Card Collection




And while we are on the topic of Peyton and Eli, we have to include one of the best “This is Sportscenter” commercials of all time.
If you have sports cards you are looking to sell, you can contact Steve via email ([email protected]), phone (1-888-440-9787 ext. 112), or fill out our buying form online here. Steve generally buys sports card singles with a value of around $50 or more, as well as entire collections of cards. They don’t have to be Manning’s, Steve buys it all!

To see all the items we are looking to purchase, visit our buying page.


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