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1981/82 Topps Basketball Wax Pack

1981/82 Topps Basketball Wax Pack


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  • 13 Cards Per Pack
  • Look For Kevin McHale Rookies
  • Look For Bill Laimbeer Rookies
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Item Details
  • 1981/82 Topps Basketball Wax Pack

    13 cards per pack

    The 1981-82 Topps basketball card set contains a total of 198 standard-size cards. These cards are numbered depending upon the regional distribution used in the issue. A 66-card national set was issued to all parts of the country, however, subsets of 44 cards each were issued in the East, Midwest and West. The national set is easier to acquire than any of the regional issues. Card numbers over 66 are prefaced on the card by the region in which they were distributed, e.g., East 96. The cards feature the Topps logo in the frame line and a quarter-round sunburst in the lower left-hand corner which lists the name, position and team of the player depicted. Cards 44-66 are Team Leader (TL) cards picturing each team's statistical leaders. The back, printed in orange and brown on gray stock, features standard Topps biographical data and career statistics. There are a number of Super Action (SA) cards in the set. Rookie Cards include Joe Barry Carroll, Mike Dunleavy, Mike Gminski, Darrell Griffith, Ernie Grunfeld, Vinnie Johnson, Bill Laimbeer, Rick Mahorn, Kevin McHale, Jim Paxson and Larry Smith. The card numbering sequence is alphabetical within team within each series. This was Topps' last basketball card issue until 1992.
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    Please Note: Packs are a little worn. Cards inside should be fine!!!

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