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Star Wars Imperial Assault: Kayn Somos Villain Pack

Star Wars Imperial Assault: Kayn Somos Villain Pack

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  • Star Wars Imperial Assault: Kayn Somos Villain Pack

    "Traitors to the Empire will be destroyed."

    Bring firm determination to your Imperial Assault game with Kayn Somos, Trooper Commander. The included "Stormtrooper Support" agenda set gives the Imperial player deadly options and a thrilling side mission for any Campaign. In addition, this pack contains new command cards and a unique skirmish mission for head-to-head play.


    1 Plastic Figure
    1 Rulesheet
    2 Deployment Cards
    - Kayn Somos
    - Rule by Fear
    3 Agenda Cards
    - Stormtrooper Support: Military Presence
    - Stormtrooper Support: Perpetual Reinforcements
    - Stormtrooper Support: Strength of Command
    3 Command Cards
    - Rank and File
    - Squad Swarm
    - Rally the Troops
    2 Skirmish Mission Cards
    - Tython Meditation Field: Balance the Force
    - Tython Meditation Field: Chosen of the Force

    Ages: 14+
    Players: 2-5
    Game Length: 60-120 minutes

    • Manufacturer: Fantasy Flight Games
    • Product: Star Wars Imperial Assault
    • Series:
    • UPC/Barcode: 9781633441125
    • Release Date: August 1st, 2015

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