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Ra (Asmodee)

Ra (Asmodee)

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  • Ra (Asmodee)

    Ancient Egypt is overflowing with opportunity and as a royal advisor, you are tasked with enriching its society through art, religion, astronomy, writing, and agriculture. Gain the favor of the gods to build incredible monuments, advance your civilization, and collect piles of gold. Incur their wrath, however, and a disaster may upset your royal efforts. Battle for glory and push your luck in Ra, a game of high-stakes bidding and divine intervention.

    Ra contains:

    Game Board
    5 Scoring Reference Sheets
    Cloth Bag
    Ra Statue
    180 Tiles
    16 Sun Disks
    54 Tablets

    2+ player(s)
    30 - 60 min
    Ages 14+

    Many gods hold sway over the lives of the Egyptians, but none more powerful than Ra. The god of the sun brings life and light to the land; his power is unquestioned. Throughout the years, other gods fall in and out of favor, but Ra is the sun god, and the sun is the true ruler of Egyptian life.

    The exciting push-your-luck game of bidding and dynasty building is back! Dr. Reiner Knizia's Ra, redesigned and republished by Windrider Games, is set for release in the third quarter of 2016. Return to Ancient Egypt and leave a legacy of cultural, architectural, and political greatness by bidding against your opponents to build a mighty civilization, avoid impending disaster, and earn points for victory!

    Bid For Success

    There are infinite possibilities across generations for political and societal advancement. With opposing advisors at your heels every step of the way, your struggle for control over this great civilization is fierce. Opportunities for progress will present themselves to each player in the form of an auction, so you will have to decide how much each potential prize is really worth. With the gods behind you and a little bit of luck, however, you may be able to pull ahead of your competitors. You will bid on the auction with Sun Tiles, which will come and go as the game progresses, tilting the odds in and out of your favor. But if a particular element really catches your eye, you may use the gods to intervene and make it your own.

    In each auction, you will have up to eight tiles to vie for. These may include powerful pharaohs, valuable gold, cultural advancements, and breathtaking monuments. As you build your civilization and prioritize segments of your society, different tiles will increase or diminish in value to you and your opponents. With no way to remove items up for auction, disasters such as drought or war may sneak their way onto the board and into your civilization, wreaking havoc upon your people. If the overall collection of tiles is worth enough to you, however, it could be worth the risk.

    The Power of Ra

    Auctions may be initiated voluntarily or by drawing Ra tiles. For each Ra tile drawn, the end of the current epoch will draw nearer. With three epochs to develop your great civilization, the pressure is on to make careful but quick decisions. At the end of each epoch, you will receive points for gods, gold, pharaohs, and river tiles. Some of these will carry over, giving you points throughout the game, and some will be discarded, forcing you to begin anew. At the end of the third epoch, you will also earn or lose points for your sun disks and monuments. After all points earned have been converted into tablets, you will count your points earned over the course of the game. The player with the most points wins the game and goes down in history as one of the great players in the development of Ancient Egypt.

    As a royal advisor to the great pharaohs, it is your duty to establish your dynasty as one worth remembering. By developing culture, infrastructure, faith, and an identity to last through the ages, while avoiding the trials of natural disasters and civil war, you can emerge victorious through the ages. Invoke the power of Ra and bid on the best opportunities to become a revered advisor in one of the greatest civilizations the world has ever seen.

    • Manufacturer: Asmodee
    • Product: Ra
    • Series:
    • UPC/Barcode: 841333101046
    • Release Date: Not Announced

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