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Munchkin Holiday Surprise (Steve Jackson Games)

Munchkin Holiday Surprise (Steve Jackson Games)

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  • Munchkin Holiday Surprise (Steve Jackson Games)

    It's an amazing present for all the good little Munchkins! 68 holiday-themed cards...everything from the first three Christmas boosters plus the 2012 booster . . . some promo cards never before available at retail . . . PLUS four new cards.

    Also includes a new "Christmas Kill-O-Meter" unique to this set, and two special Munchkin dice - one pearly red, one pearly green.

    This set turns any basic Munchkin game into a holiday special . . . so the whole family can kill the monsters and take their stuff!

    Description: 68 holiday-themed cards, one red and one green six-sided dice, a unique Kill-O-Meter, and a rulesheet, in a 6" x 9" box.
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    Tell the Players

    * Now your Munchkins can be "Naughty" and "Nice"- or even both at once!
    * Lots of Santa monsters and special holiday treasures.
    * Includes some cards that were originally rare promo items.

    • Manufacturer: Steve Jackson Games
    • Product: Munchkin
    • Series:
    • UPC/Barcode: 837654321645
    • Release Date: December 1st, 2016

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