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Dungeons & Dragons Mini Archfiends Red Wizard Figure

Dungeons & Dragons Mini Archfiends Red Wizard Figure
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  • Dungeons & Dragons Mini Archfiends Red Wizard Figure

    Figure only, no stat card.

    63 Points - Commander 3
    LV 6 - AC 13 - SPD 6 - HP 30
    Melee Attack +2 (5)
    Ranged Attack -
    Type Humanoid (Human)
    Commander Effect: Whenever followers cast spells that deal damage, they deal damage +5 over printed amount. WARBAND BUILDING. CE spellcaster are legal in your warband.
    Special Abilities Spell Penetration (Roll twice to overcome Spell Resistance); Sudden Empower (Damage +10, 1 spell that deals damage)
    Spells 1st mage armor (self +4 AC), magic missle (sight 5 damage) 2nd - scorching ray (range 6; 15 fire damage) 3rd - fireball (sight; radius 4; 20 fire damage DC 15) lightning bolt (line; 20 electricity damage; DC 15)

    • Manufacturer: WOTC
    • Product: Dungeons & Dragons
    • Series: Archfiends
    • UPC/Barcode:
    • Release Date: Not Announced

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