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Dungeons & Dragons: Attack Wing - Human Barbarian (Fire Cult) Expansion Pack (WizKids)

Dungeons & Dragons: Attack Wing - Human Barbarian (Fire Cult) Expansion Pack (WizKids)

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  • Dungeons & Dragons: Attack Wing - Human Barbarian (Fire Cult) Expansion Pack (WizKids)

    Bastian Embers always wanted to live a glorious life, and the Cult of the Eternal Flame has offered him all that and more. Riding into battle on his fast-sprinting fire strider (a beast that shoots fireballs out of its tear ducts!), the hot-tempered barbarian strikes at enemies with his flaming spear, setting warriors and siege weapons alike ablaze as he chortles triumphantly. When surrounded by multiple foes, Bastian summons a magic fire shield that envelops his body in flames, protecting him from cold attacks and burning his attackers each time they strike him.

    Bastian has no difficulty facing his own mortality, knowing that he is sure to die in a blaze of glory. His black armor is fused to his skin, and his heart has been ripped out and replaced with a heart of living flame. When Bastian dies, he knows that his heart will explode, sending splinters of the deadly metal armor flying in all directions to tear into his enemies. In fact, the anticipation of his own explosive and often causes Bastian to attack recklessly, not caring if his enemies wound him during battle, for the fearsome barbarian knows that he will most assuredly have the last laugh.


    1 Painted Plastic Figure
    - Bastian Embers / Human Barbarian (Fire Cult)
    1 Transparent Plastic Base with Plastic Connector
    1 Creature Token
    1 Maneuver Dial
    3 Action Tokens
    - 1 Dodge Token
    - 1 Target Token
    - 1 Charge Token
    2 Effect Tokens
    6 Duration Tokens
    4 Disabled Upgrade Tokens
    2 Armor Tokens
    1 Exhaustion Tokens
    1 Critical Hit Token
    1 "No Attack" Token
    1 Pivot Token
    1 Burst Token
    2 Creature Cards
    - Bastian Embers
    - Fire Cult Warrior
    1 Maneuver Card
    - Ground
    6 Upgrade Cards
    - Fire Strider
    - Reckless Attack
    - Tears of Flame
    - Flaming Spear
    - Fire Shield
    - Heart of Living Flame
    1 Campaign Artifact Upgrade Card
    - Flame Tongue

    • Manufacturer: WizKids
    • Product: Dungeons & Dragons
    • Series: Attack Wing
    • UPC/Barcode: 634482719688
    • Release Date: October 7th, 2015

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