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DC Comics Deck-Building Game (Cryptozoic)
  • DC Comics Deck-Building Game (Cryptozoic)
  • DC Comics Deck-Building Game (Cryptozoic)
  • DC Comics Deck-Building Game (Cryptozoic)
  • DC Comics Deck-Building Game (Cryptozoic)
  • DC Comics Deck-Building Game (Cryptozoic)
  • DC Comics Deck-Building Game (Cryptozoic)

DC Comics Deck-Building Game (Cryptozoic)

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  • DC Comics Deck-Building Game (Cryptozoic)

    The DC Comics Deck Building Game will bring Batman, Superman, The Flash, and more of your favorite super heroes together for a deck building battle at your gaming table.

    Batman! Superman! Wonder Woman! Aquaman! The Flash! Green Lantern! Cyborg! The Justice League of America is ready for action - are you? Fight the never-ending battle for truth, justice, and peace in the world's greatest super-hero universe with the DC Comics Deck Building Game! Power up with Bulletproof and Super Speed! Equip yourself with The Batsuit! Unlock special abilities and unleash devastating card combos against your opponents! Craft your hero deck into a well-oiled machine to take on the most vile villains in the DC Universe in your quest for Victory (Points)! The DC Comics Deck Building Game comes complete with 214 Game Cards, seven Oversized Super Hero Cards, and a rulebook.

    Are you the master at building decks filled with epic combos? Show off your superhero abilities in the DC Comics Deck Building Game

    Game Summary:
    Each player starts with his own basic 10-card deck and draws a hand of 5 cards each turn. Power is the currency you will use to buy new, stronger cards to add to your deck. The goal of a deck-building game is to craft your personal deck into a well-oiled machine. There are five different types of cards that can be acquired: Villains, Heroes, Equipment, Super Powers, and Locations.

    A large, central stack of cards supplies a five-card "Line-Up" from which players make their purchases. Each player will always have five face-up cards to choose from each turn, so every turn there are new options and surprises.

    When a player has amassed enough Power, he or she may defeat the current Super-Villain. When a Super-Villain is defeated, a new one appears and makes an Attack against each player in the game! Players can defend themselves with Defense cards like The Batsuit, Super Speed, Bulletproof, or several others.

    In the end, the player who has accumulated the most Victory Points from the cards in his or her deck wins the game.

    Number of players: 2-5
    Ages: 15+
    Time to play one game: 30-45 minutes

    • Manufacturer: Cryptozoic
    • Product: DC Comics
    • Series:
    • UPC/Barcode: 815442013576
    • Release Date: November 30th, 2012

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