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Bella Sara Series 11 Sunflowers Booster Box

Bella Sara Series 11 Sunflowers Booster Box

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  • Bella Sara Series 11 Sunflowers Booster Box

    Characters seen riding their horses for the first time ever!

    24 packs per box, Each Card Pack contains 5 random horse, character, and/or story cards; 1 random sticker card; and 1 secret code.

    Find the lost horses!

    Legend says that once upon a time three noble sisters traveled to distant lands and became the patrons of their own herds of horses. What happened to these herds? The first of these were the flower, tree, and plant horses rooted in the magic of nature. Join Emma as she searches the Jasmine Forest for the horses of herd Sunflower.

    Your adventure with Emma begins as you discover the first of the lost herds by learning new stories and unlocking secret codes. Collect new horse, character, and story cards. Then continue the journey at, where you can unlock your secret codes to play the latest Bella Sara Adventures.

    • Manufacturer: Hidden City
    • Product: Bella Sara
    • Series: Series 11
    • UPC/Barcode: 874667007456
    • Release Date: March 1st, 2010

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