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2011/12 In The Game Enforcers Hockey Hobby Box
  • 2011/12 In The Game Enforcers Hockey Hobby Box
  • 2011/12 In The Game Enforcers Hockey Hobby Box
  • 2011/12 In The Game Enforcers Hockey Hobby Box

2011/12 In The Game Enforcers Hockey Hobby Box

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Product Highlights

  • 12 cards per box
  • Find 5 Autographed Cards per Box
  • Two Memorabilia & 5 Base Cards per box
  • Look for Fight Strap Cards!!
  • Instigator Memorabilia Cards
  • More Details...
Item Description
Item Details
  • 2011/12 In The Game Enforcers Hockey Hobby Box

    Look for (5) Autograph Cards, (2) Game-Used Memorabilia Cards, and (5) Base Cards in every box!

    12 cards per box


    Enforcers Base Cards:

    - 5 per box
    Subsets such as Tale Of The Tape, Tough Franchise, Bloody Battles and Record Holders.
    The Enforcers Base Cards feature the best of hockey's black & blue collar workers

    Authentic Autograph Cards:

    - 5 per box

    Game-Used Memorabilia Cards:

    - 2 per box
    - Instigator Cards, Head-To-Head Combatants Cards, Quadruple Tough Franchise are just a few of the Enforcers knock-outs to be yanked from our packs.

    Autograph Card Checklist:

    Partial Checklist

    Barnaby, Matthew Beck, Barry
    Belak, Wade
    Berube, Craig
    Bialowas, Frank
    Boschman, Laurie
    Boughner, Bob
    Brackenbury, Curt
    Brashaer, Donald
    Brown, Dave
    Buchberger, Kelly
    Butcher, Garth
    Carcillo, Dan
    Chase, Kelly
    Churla, Shane
    Ciccone, Enrico
    Clark, Wendel
    Corson, Shane
    Cummins, Jim
    Domi, Tie
    Dupont, Andre
    Ewen, Tod
    Fontinato, Lou
    Fotiu, Nick
    Gaetz, Link
    Gallant, Gerard
    Gilles, Clark
    Gillies, Trevor
    Goldthorpe, Bill
    Grimson, Stu
    Holmgren, Paul
    Jonathan, Stan
    Kelly, Bob
    King, Kris
    Kocur, Joey
    Konopka, Zenon
    Kyte, Jim
    Lambert, Denny
    Laraque, Georges
    Laus, Paul
    Low, Reed
    Lysiak, Tom
    Maloney, Dan
    Mann, Jimmy
    Manson, Dave
    Marchment, Bryan
    May, Brad
    McCarthy, Sandy
    McGill, Bob
    McIlhargey, Jack
    McKenzie, Jim
    McRae, Basil
    McSorley, Marty
    Miller, Jay
    Mirasty, Jon
    Nilan, Chris
    Nystrom, Bob
    O'Reilly, Terry
    Odelein, Lyle
    Odgers, Jeff
    Odjick, Gino
    Paiement, Wilf
    Peckham, Theo
    Peters, Andrew
    Pilon, Rich
    Plett, Willie
    Probert, Bob
    Probert, Bob
    Ray, Rob
    Ruskowski, Terry
    Russell, Phil
    Rychel, Warren
    Schultz, Dave
    Semenko, Dave
    Snepsts, Harold
    Tootoo, Jordan
    Tucker, Darcy
    Twist, Tony
    Van Impe, Ed
    Watson, Bryan
    Watson, Joe
    Weir, Wally
    Wells, Jay
    Wesnick, John
    Williams, Tiger
    Worrell, Peter

    Game-Used Memorabilia Checklist:

    Combatants Dual Game-Used Jerseys:

    C-01 Wendel Clark
    Marty McSorley

    C-02 Dave Schultz
    Terry O'Reilly

    C-03 Jeff Odgers
    Dave Manson

    C-04 Jay Miller
    Joe Kocur

    C-05 Tie Domi
    Matthew Barnaby

    C-06 Wade Belak
    Donald Brashear

    C-07 Paul Laus
    Craig Berube

    C-08 Joe Kocur
    Dave Manson

    C-09 Dan Maloney
    Tiger Williams

    C-10 Matthew Barnaby
    Lyle Odelein

    C-11 Andrew Peters
    Wade Belak

    C-12 Zdeno Chara
    Peter Worrell

    C-13 Bob Probert
    Wendel Clark

    C-14 Craig Berube
    Tie Domi

    C-15 Todd Ewen
    Shane Churla

    C-16 Rob Ray
    Tie Domi

    C-17 Tony Twist
    Bob Probert

    C-18 Brad May
    Georges Laraque

    C-19 Donald Brashear
    Colton Orr

    C-20 Georges Laraque
    Wade Belak

    C-21 Stu Grimson
    Jim Cummins

    C-22 Tiger Williams
    Terry O'Reilly

    C-23 Lyle Odelein
    Denny Lambert

    C-24 Clark Gillies
    Dave Schultz

    C-25 Jeff Odgers
    Tie Domi

    C-27 Harold Snepsts
    Dave Schultz

    C-28 Stu Grimson
    Bob Probert

    C-29 Basil McRae
    Dave Manson

    C-30 Donald Brashear
    Marty McSorley

    C-31 Stu Grimson
    Enrico Ciccone

    C-32 Basil McRae
    Todd Ewen

    C-33 Paul Laus
    Rob Ray

    C-34 Dale Hunter
    Terry O'Reilly

    C-35 Krzystof Oliwa
    Tie Domi

    C-36 Colton Orr
    Andrew Peters

    C-37 Gino Odjick
    Stu Grimson

    C-38 Peter Worrell
    Dennis Bonvie

    C-39 Kelly Chase
    Craig Berube

    C-40 Frank Bialowas
    Tony Twist

    Instigator Game-Used jersey Cards:

    I-01 Matthew Barnaby
    I-02 Barry Beck
    I-03 Wade Belak
    I-04 Craig Berube

    I-05 Frank Bialowas
    I-06 Dennis Bonvie
    I-07 Donald Brashear
    I-08 Sheldon Brookbank
    I-09 Dan Carcillo
    I-10 Matt Carkner
    I-11 Zdeno Chara
    I-12 Kelly Chase
    I-13 Shane Churla
    I-14 Enrico Ciccone
    I-15 Wendel Clark
    I-16 Shayne Corson
    I-17 Jim Cummins
    I-18 Tie Domi
    I-19 Steve Downie
    I-20 Todd Ewen
    I-21 Gerard Gallant
    I-22 Clark Gillies
    I-23 Bill Goldthorpe
    I-24 Stu Grimson
    I-25 Dale Hunter
    I-26 Boyd Kane
    I-27 Darius Kasparaitis
    I-28 Joey Kocur
    I-29 Jim Kyte
    I-30 Denny Lambert
    I-31 Georges Laraque
    I-32 Paul Laus
    I-33 Dan Maloney
    I-34 Dave Manson
    I-35 Brad May
    I-36 Cody McCormick
    I-37 Basil McRae
    I-38 Marty McSorley
    I-39 Jay Miller
    I-40 Tyson Nash
    I-41 Bob Nystrom
    I-42 Terry O'Reilly
    I-43 Lyle Odelein
    I-44 Jeff Odgers
    I-45 Gino Odjick
    I-46 Krzysztof Oliwa
    I-47 Colton Orr
    I-48 Theo Peckham
    I-49 Andrew Peters
    I-50 Dion Phaneuf
    I-51 Bob Probert
    I-52 Rob Ray
    I-53 Dave Schultz
    I-54 Harold Snepsts
    I-55 Jordin Tootoo
    I-56 Darcy Tucker
    I-57 Tony Twist
    I-58 Pat Verbeek
    I-59 Tiger Williams
    I-60 Peter Worrell

    Fight Strap:

    FS-01 Barry Beck
    FS-02 Wade Belak
    FS-03 Craig Berube

    FS-04 Dennis Bonvie
    FS-05 Donald Brashear
    FS-06 Sheldon Brookbank
    FS-07 Dan Carcillo
    FS-08 Matt Carkner
    FS-09 Zdeno Chara
    FS-10 Shane Churla
    FS-11 Enrico Ciccone
    FS-12 Wendel Clark
    FS-13 Shayne Corson
    FS-14 Steve Downie
    FS-15 Todd Ewen
    FS-16 Gerard Gallant
    FS-17 Stu Grimson
    FS-18 Boyd Kane
    FS-19 Darius Kasparaitis
    FS-20 Jim Kyte
    FS-21 Denny Lambert
    FS-22 Paul Laus
    FS-23 Dave Manson
    FS-24 Brad May
    FS-25 Tyson Nash
    FS-26 Bob Nystrom
    FS-27 Terry O'Reilly
    FS-28 Lyle Odelein
    FS-29 Jeff Odgers
    FS-30 Theo Peckham
    FS-31 Andrew Peters
    FS-32 Bob Probert
    FS-33 Rob Ray
    FS-34 Jordin Tootoo
    FS-35 Darcy Tucker
    FS-36 Peter Worrell

    Fight Strap 1/1
    FSF-01 Barry Beck
    FSF-02 Wade Belak
    FSF-03 Craig Berube

    FSF-04 Dennis Bonvie
    FSF-05 Donald Brashear
    FSF-06 Sheldon Brookbank
    FSF-07 Dan Carcillo
    FSF-08 Matt Carkner
    FSF-09 Zdeno Chara
    FSF-10 Shane Churla
    FSF-11 Enrico Ciccone
    FSF-12 Wendel Clark
    FSF-13 Shayne Corson
    FSF-14 Steve Downie
    FSF-15 Todd Ewen
    FSF-16 Gerard Gallant
    FSF-17 Stu Grimson
    FSF-18 Boyd Kane
    FSF-19 Darius Kasparaitis
    FSF-20 Jim Kyte
    FSF-21 Denny Lambert
    FSF-22 Paul Laus
    FSF-23 Dave Manson
    FSF-24 Brad May
    FSF-25 Tyson Nash
    FSF-26 Bob Nystrom
    FSF-27 Terry O'Reilly
    FSF-28 Lyle Odelein
    FSF-29 Jeff Odgers
    FSF-30 Theo Peckham
    FSF-31 Andrew Peters
    FSF-32 Bob Probert
    FSF-33 Rob Ray
    FSF-34 Jordin Tootoo
    FSF-35 Darcy Tucker
    FSF-36 Peter Worrell

    Tough Franchise Quad Game Jersey:

    TF-01 Harold Snepsts
    Tiger Williams

    Gino Odjick

    Donald Brashear

    TF-02 Tiger Williams
    Wendel Clark

    Wade Belak

    Dion Phaneuf

    TF-04 Rob Ray
    Matthew Barnaby

    Brad May

    Andrew Peters

    TF-05 Ted Lindsay
    Bob Probert

    Gerrard Gallant

    Joe Kocur

    TF-06 Kelly Chase
    Basil McRae

    Tony Twist

    Tyson Nash

    TF-07 Stan Mikita
    Dave Manson

    Stu Grimson

    Bob Probert

    TF-08 Wayne Cashman

    Terry O'Reilly

    Stan Jonathan

    Zdeno Chara

    -09 Vic Hadfield

    Barry Beck

    Tie Domi

    Colton Orr

    TF-10 Dave Schultz
    Craig Berube

    Donald Brashear

    Dan Carcillo

    TF-11 Mark Messier
    Shayne Corson

    Georges Laraque

    Theo Peckham

    TF-12 Dale Hunter
    Jeff Odgers

    Jim Cummins

    Cody McCormick

    Tough Patch:

    TP-01 Matthew Barnaby
    TP-02 Barry Beck
    TP-03 Wade Belak
    TP-04 Wade Belak
    TP-05 Craig Berube
    TP-06 Frank Bialowas
    TP-07 Dennis Bonvie
    TP-08 Donald Brashear
    TP-09 Donald Brashear
    TP-10 Sheldon Brookbank
    TP-11 Dan Carcillo
    TP-12 Matt Carkner
    TP-13 Zdeno Chara
    TP-14 Zdeno Chara
    TP-15 Kelly Chase
    TP-16 Shane Churla
    TP-17 Enrico Ciccone
    TP-18 Enrico Ciccone
    TP-19 Wendel Clark
    TP-20 Shayne Corson
    TP-21 Shayne Corson
    TP-22 Jim Cummins
    TP-23 Tie Domi
    TP-24 Steve Downie
    TP-25 Todd Ewen
    TP-26 Clark Gillies
    TP-27 Bill Goldthorpe
    TP-28 Stu Grimson
    TP-29 Dale Hunter
    TP-30 Dale Hunter
    TP-31 Boyd Kane
    TP-32 Darius Kasparaitis
    TP-33 Darius Kasparaitis
    TP-34 Jim Kyte
    TP-35 Denny Lambert
    TP-36 Georges Laraque
    TP-37 Paul Laus
    TP-38 Dan Maloney
    TP-39 Dave Manson
    TP-40 Brad May
    TP-41 Cody McCormick
    TP-42 Basil McRae
    TP-43 Marty McSorley
    TP-44 Jay Miller
    TP-45 Tyson Nash
    TP-46 Bob Nystrom
    TP-47 Lyle Odelein
    TP-48 Jeff Odgers
    TP-49 Gino Odjick
    TP-50 Krzysztof Oliwa
    TP-51 Terry O'Reilly
    TP-52 Colton Orr
    TP-53 Theo Peckham
    TP-54 Andrew Peters
    TP-55 Dion Phaneuf
    TP-56 Bob Probert
    TP-57 Bob Probert
    TP-58 Rob Ray
    TP-59 Dave Schultz
    TP-60 Harold Snepsts
    TP-61 Jordin Tootoo
    TP-62 Darcy Tucker
    TP-63 Pat Verbeek
    TP-64 Tiger Williams
    TP-65 Tiger Williams
    TP-66 Peter Worrell

    Tough Nameplate:

    TN-01 Matthew Barnaby
    TN-02 Matthew Barnaby
    TN-03 Matthew Barnaby
    TN-04 Matthew Barnaby
    TN-05 Matthew Barnaby
    TN-06 Matthew Barnaby
    TN-07 Matthew Barnaby
    TN-08 Barry Beck
    TN-09 Barry Beck
    TN-10 Barry Beck
    TN-11 Barry Beck
    TN-12 Wade Belak
    TN-13 Wade Belak
    TN-14 Wade Belak
    TN-15 Wade Belak
    TN-16 Wade Belak
    TN-17 Craig Berube
    TN-18 Craig Berube
    TN-19 Craig Berube
    TN-20 Craig Berube
    TN-21 Craig Berube
    TN-22 Craig Berube
    TN-23 Frank Bialowas
    TN-24 Frank Bialowas
    TN-25 Frank Bialowas
    TN-26 Frank Bialowas
    TN-27 Frank Bialowas
    TN-28 Frank Bialowas
    TN-29 Frank Bialowas
    TN-30 Frank Bialowas
    TN-31 Dennis Bonvie
    TN-32 Dennis Bonvie
    TN-33 Dennis Bonvie
    TN-34 Dennis Bonvie
    TN-35 Dennis Bonvie
    TN-36 Dennis Bonvie
    TN-37 Sheldon Brookbank
    TN-38 Sheldon Brookbank
    TN-39 Sheldon Brookbank
    TN-40 Sheldon Brookbank
    TN-41 Sheldon Brookbank
    TN-42 Sheldon Brookbank
    TN-43 Sheldon Brookbank
    TN-44 Sheldon Brookbank
    TN-45 Sheldon Brookbank
    TN-46 Dan Carcillo
    TN-47 Dan Carcillo
    TN-48 Dan Carcillo
    TN-49 Dan Carcillo
    TN-50 Dan Carcillo
    TN-51 Dan Carcillo
    TN-52 Dan Carcillo
    TN-53 Dan Carcillo
    TN-54 Matt Carkner
    TN-55 Matt Carkner
    TN-56 Matt Carkner
    TN-57 Matt Carkner
    TN-58 Matt Carkner
    TN-59 Matt Carkner
    TN-60 Matt Carkner
    TN-61 Zdeno Chara
    TN-62 Zdeno Chara
    TN-63 Zdeno Chara
    TN-64 Zdeno Chara
    TN-65 Zdeno Chara
    TN-66 Enrico Ciccone
    TN-67 Enrico Ciccone
    TN-68 Enrico Ciccone
    TN-69 Enrico Ciccone
    TN-70 Enrico Ciccone
    TN-71 Enrico Ciccone
    TN-72 Enrico Ciccone
    TN-73 Shayne Corson
    TN-74 Shayne Corson
    TN-75 Shayne Corson
    TN-76 Shayne Corson
    TN-77 Shayne Corson
    TN-78 Shayne Corson
    TN-79 Jim Cummins
    TN-80 Jim Cummins
    TN-81 Jim Cummins
    TN-82 Jim Cummins
    TN-83 Jim Cummins
    TN-84 Jim Cummins
    TN-85 Jim Cummins
    TN-86 Steve Downie
    TN-87 Steve Downie
    TN-88 Steve Downie
    TN-89 Steve Downie
    TN-90 Steve Downie
    TN-91 Steve Downie
    TN-92 Todd Ewen
    TN-93 Todd Ewen
    TN-94 Todd Ewen
    TN-95 Todd Ewen
    TN-96 Bill Goldthorpe
    TN-97 Bill Goldthorpe
    TN-98 Bill Goldthorpe
    TN-99 Bill Goldthorpe
    TN-100 Bill Goldthorpe
    TN-101 Bill Goldthorpe
    TN-102 Bill Goldthorpe
    TN-103 Bill Goldthorpe
    TN-104 Bill Goldthorpe
    TN-105 Bill Goldthorpe
    TN-106 Stu Grimson
    TN-107 Stu Grimson
    TN-108 Stu Grimson
    TN-109 Stu Grimson
    TN-110 Stu Grimson
    TN-111 Stu Grimson
    TN-112 Stu Grimson
    TN-113 Boyd Kane
    TN-114 Boyd Kane
    TN-115 Boyd Kane
    TN-116 Boyd Kane
    TN-117 Darius Kasparaitis
    TN-118 Darius Kasparaitis
    TN-119 Darius Kasparaitis
    TN-120 Darius Kasparaitis
    TN-121 Darius Kasparaitis
    TN-122 Darius Kasparaitis
    TN-123 Darius Kasparaitis
    TN-124 Darius Kasparaitis
    TN-125 Darius Kasparaitis
    TN-126 Darius Kasparaitis
    TN-127 Darius Kasparaitis
    TN-128 Jim Kyte
    TN-129 Jim Kyte
    TN-130 Jim Kyte
    TN-131 Jim Kyte
    TN-132 Denny Lambert
    TN-133 Denny Lambert
    TN-134 Denny Lambert
    TN-135 Denny Lambert
    TN-136 Denny Lambert
    TN-137 Denny Lambert
    TN-138 Denny Lambert
    TN-139 Paul Laus
    TN-140 Paul Laus
    TN-141 Paul Laus
    TN-142 Paul Laus
    TN-143 Dave Manson
    TN-144 Dave Manson
    TN-145 Dave Manson
    TN-146 Dave Manson
    TN-147 Dave Manson
    TN-148 Dave Manson
    TN-149 Brad May
    TN-150 Brad May
    TN-151 Brad May
    TN-152 Dale Hunter
    TN-153 Dale Hunter
    TN-154 Dale Hunter
    TN-155 Dale Hunter
    TN-156 Dale Hunter
    TN-157 Dale Hunter
    TN-158 Cody McCormick
    TN-159 Cody McCormick
    TN-160 Cody McCormick
    TN-161 Cody McCormick
    TN-162 Cody McCormick
    TN-163 Cody McCormick
    TN-164 Cody McCormick
    TN-165 Cody McCormick
    TN-166 Cody McCormick
    TN-167 Basil McRae
    TN-168 Basil McRae
    TN-169 Basil McRae
    TN-170 Basil McRae
    TN-171 Basil McRae
    TN-172 Marty McSorley
    TN-173 Marty McSorley
    TN-174 Marty McSorley
    TN-175 Marty McSorley
    TN-176 Marty McSorley
    TN-177 Marty McSorley
    TN-178 Marty McSorley
    TN-179 Marty McSorley
    TN-180 Tyson Nash
    TN-181 Tyson Nash
    TN-182 Tyson Nash
    TN-183 Tyson Nash
    TN-184 Bob Nystrom
    TN-185 Bob Nystrom
    TN-186 Bob Nystrom
    TN-187 Bob Nystrom
    TN-188 Bob Nystrom
    TN-189 Bob Nystrom
    TN-190 Bob Nystrom
    TN-191 Jeff Odgers
    TN-192 Jeff Odgers
    TN-193 Jeff Odgers
    TN-194 Jeff Odgers
    TN-195 Jeff Odgers
    TN-196 Jeff Odgers
    TN-197 Gino Odjick
    TN-198 Gino Odjick
    TN-199 Gino Odjick
    TN-200 Gino Odjick
    TN-201 Gino Odjick
    TN-202 Gino Odjick
    TN-203 Krzysztof Oliwa
    TN-204 Krzysztof Oliwa
    TN-205 Krzysztof Oliwa
    TN-206 Krzysztof Oliwa
    TN-207 Krzysztof Oliwa
    TN-208 Theo Peckham
    TN-209 Theo Peckham
    TN-210 Theo Peckham
    TN-211 Theo Peckham
    TN-212 Theo Peckham
    TN-213 Theo Peckham
    TN-214 Theo Peckham
    TN-215 Andrew Peters
    TN-216 Andrew Peters
    TN-217 Andrew Peters
    TN-218 Andrew Peters
    TN-219 Andrew Peters
    TN-220 Andrew Peters
    TN-221 Rob Ray
    TN-222 Rob Ray
    TN-223 Rob Ray
    TN-224 Jordin Tootoo
    TN-225 Jordin Tootoo
    TN-226 Jordin Tootoo
    TN-227 Jordin Tootoo
    TN-228 Jordin Tootoo
    TN-229 Jordin Tootoo
    TN-230 Pat Verbeek
    TN-231 Pat Verbeek
    TN-232 Pat Verbeek
    TN-233 Pat Verbeek
    TN-234 Pat Verbeek
    TN-235 Pat Verbeek
    TN-236 Pat Verbeek
    TN-237 Tiger Williams
    TN-238 Tiger Williams
    TN-239 Tiger Williams
    TN-240 Tiger Williams
    TN-241 Tiger Williams
    TN-242 Tiger Williams
    TN-243 Tiger Williams
    TN-244 Tiger Williams
    TN-245 Peter Worrell
    TN-246 Peter Worrell
    TN-247 Peter Worrell
    TN-248 Peter Worrell
    TN-249 Peter Worrell
    TN-250 Peter Worrell
    TN-251 Peter Worrell

    Product Highlights

    • 12 cards per box
    • Find 5 Autographed Cards per Box
    • Two Memorabilia & 5 Base Cards per box
    • Look for Fight Strap Cards!!
    • Instigator Memorabilia Cards
    • Manufacturer: In The Game
    • Product: Enforcers
    • Series:
    • UPC/Barcode: 622976208206
    • Release Date: January 19th, 2012

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