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2005 Topps Rookie Cup Baseball Hobby Box

2005 Topps Rookie Cup Baseball Hobby Box

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  • 2005 Topps Rookie Cup Baseball Hobby Box

    Find (1) First Year Player Autograph card, (1) Retired or Active Player Autograph Card, and (12) Parallel cards per box on average! Look for (1) Multi-Player Autograph per case!

    Key Rookies: Tadahito Iguchi, J. Brent Cox, John Drennen, Brandon Snyder, Wade Townsend, Kevin Whelan.

    BASE CARDS (160 subjects) Topps Rookie Cup All-Star Veterans (150) - 150 Active and Retired players who have been electedto the Topps Rookie All-Star Team, including CalRipken and Eddie Murray!
    Autographed First-Year Players (10) - 1 PER BOX (including parallels)! 10 outstanding 2005 MLB Draft Picks, who in thefuture may be selected as Topps Rookie All-Stars,appear with a Topps First-Year logo and their signatures!

    AUTOGRAPHED CARDS (73 subjects/154 cards) - ONE PER BOX! (Plus 1 Autographed First-Year Player Per Box Equals 2 Autographs Per Box!)
    Topps Rookie All-Star Autographs (Active & Retired Players) (47)
    - Gold Parallel (47) - Hobby Exclusive! Each is a 1 of 1!
    ~;~ - Silver Parallel (47) - seq #'d to 5!
    Dual Autographs (26 subj on 16 cards) - Hobby Exclusive! 1 per case! 26 unforgettable players from the 2005 MLB Draft and veteran Topps Rookie All-Star winners are displayed side-by-side on 13 cards and featured with their autographs!

    RELIC CARDS (463 subjects) -HOBBY ONLY!
    Original Relics (463) - Hobby Only!
    Vintage Topps cards of every Rookie Cup Winner since 1959 arerepurchased and transformed into unique Relic cards featuring an actual Topps Rookie Cup Medallion!

    PARALLEL CARDS (160 subj/1120 parallels) 12 PER BOX! All including first year autographs!
    Gold Parallel (160) - Hobby Exclusive!Each is a 1 of 1!
    Silver Parallel (160) - seq #'d to 5
    Blue Parallel (160) - seq #'d to50
    Green Parallel (160) - seq #'d to 199
    Yellow Parallel (160) - seq #'d to 299
    Orange Parallel (160) - seq #'d to 399
    Red Parallel (160) - seq #'d to 499

    INSERT CARDS (150 subjects) - 2 PER PACK!
    Topps Rookie Cup Reprints (150) - Reprints of original Rookie Cup cards!

    1 of 1 PRINTING PLATES(160 subjects/640 plates) HOBBY EXCLUSIVE!
    Autographed First-Year Printing Plates (10 subj/40 plates) - each is a 1 of 1!
    Base Set Printing Plates (150 subj/600 plates) - each is a 1 of 1!

    One of the following is included in each Hobby box. All cards are finseal wrapped!
    Gold Chrome Refractor Reprint (150) - each is a 1of 1!
    Chrome Refractor Reprint (150) - seq #'d to 25
    Chrome Reprint (150) - seq #'d to 60

    Checklist/Info Sheet - Hobby Exclusive - A list of all the players included in the set, alongwith an info sheet of all the players' statisticsand summaries.

    24 packs per box, 7 cards per pack

    • Manufacturer: Topps
    • Product: Rookie Cup
    • Series:
    • UPC/Barcode: 041116153372
    • Release Date: January 10th, 2006

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