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2004/05 Topps Chrome Basketball Hobby Box

2004/05 Topps Chrome Basketball Hobby Box

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Product Highlights

  • 24 Packs per Box
  • 4 Cards per Pack
  • 1 Relic or Autograph Per Box!!!
  • Look For Dwight Howard Rookies!!!
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Item Description
Item Details
  • 2004/05 Topps Chrome Basketball Hobby Box

    Recently purchased from a long time collector, these boxes are fresh from a full case!

    Try for a Lebron James second year card!

    24 Packs per Box, 4 Cards per Pack

    * 55 Rookies, over 25 Chrome Rookie cards per box (on average)
    * 4 Refractor Parallel Variations, including New 1 of 1 SuperFractors
    * 6 Chrome refractor Parallel cards per box (on average)
    * ChromoGraphs, autographs on Chrome & Chrome refractor technology
    * Hobby Exclusive: Chrome Refractor Relics sequentially #'d to 25


    BASE CARDS - (220 total cards)
    Over 25 Rookie Cards per Box -more Rookies than ever!

    Veterans (165)- These 165 top NBA stars look good on Chrome!
    Rookies (55) -These 55 young athletes are ready for action, including Emeka Okafor, Shaun Livingston and J. R. Smith!

    AUTOGRAPHED CARDS (44 total cards) 1:146 PACKS
    ~;~Chromo Graphs (22)
    Spectacular players let their names shine on Chrome technology, including Carmelo Anthony and Topps Exclusive Emeka Okafor!
    Hobby Exclusive! Chromo Graphs Refractors (22) - seq #'d to 7

    RELIC CARDS (168 total cards)
    Chrome Town Heroes (29)
    Fanfavorites, such as Richard Jefferson and Pau Gasol, return to their roots with pieces of game-worn relics on Chrome technology!
    Hobby Exclusive! Chrome Town Heroes Refractors (29) - seq #'d to 25!

    Refined Remnants (12)
    These finesse players, including Ray Allen andJason Kidd, and their game-worn relics are in a class by themselves!
    Hobby Exclusive! Refined Remnants Refractors (12) - seq #'d to 25!

    Slice of Success (25)
    NBA standouts, including Rookies Andre Iguodala and Shaun Livingston, with their game-worn relics on cards!
    Hobby Exclusive! Slice of Success Refractors (25) - seq #'d to 25!

    NEW! Total Recall Dual (18 subjects/9 cards)
    NewDual Relics! Fan favorites and their young proteges, like Baron Davis/Ben Gordon and Stephon Marbury/Sebastien Telfair, appear together on dual reliccards!
    NEW! Hobby Exclusive! Total Recall Dual Refractors (18 subjects/9 cards) - seq #'d to 25!

    PARALLEL CARDS (880 totalcards)
    Refractors (220) - 6 PER BOX!
    All 220 players from the base set show they've got game on Refractor technology!
    Black Bordered Refractors (220) - seq #'d to 399!
    All 220 b-ballers from the base set areoutlined in a black border!
    Hobby Exclusive!Gold Bordered Refractors (220) - seq #'d to 99!
    These attention grabbing pros always bring their "A" game on Refractor cards with gold borders!

    NEW! Hobby Exclusive! 1 of 1 Super Fractors (220) - #'d 1 of 1!
    These 220 exciting athletes from the base set look extra spectacular on Super Fractor technology!

    Uncirculated X-fractor Parallel (165) - seq #'d
    These playmakersstandout on X-Fractor technology. Each card comesin a protective Uncirculated case. All 220 playersfrom the base set are paralleled!

    Product Highlights

    • 24 Packs per Box
    • 4 Cards per Pack
    • 1 Relic or Autograph Per Box!!!
    • Look For Dwight Howard Rookies!!!
    • Manufacturer: Topps
    • Product: Chrome
    • Series:
    • UPC/Barcode: 041116148712
    • Release Date: January 1st, 2004

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