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2004/05 Fleer Skybox Fresh Ink Basketball Hobby Box

2004/05 Fleer Skybox Fresh Ink Basketball Hobby Box

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  • 2004/05 Fleer Skybox Fresh Ink Basketball Hobby Box

    Each box will contain one memorabila card numbered to 199 or less and one autograph card. Also look for rookie cards numbered to 499 or less. Key rookies include: Dwight Howard, Andre Iguodala, Al Jefferson, Devin Harris, Emeka Okafor, Kevin Martin, Josh Smith and many more

    18 packs per box, 5 cards per pack


    On Friday 5/13/05 Fleer closed down due to severe financial problems. While most Fleer products don't contain a lot of redemption cards, it is unlikely that any you pull will be redeemable. Buy with caution.

    Product Highlights:
    - At least one autographed card and one game-used memorabilia card in each box
    - All autographed will be signed on patch-like material and will not be numbered higher than 200
    - Autographed Masterpiece cards will feature the NBA Logo Man from the actual jersey
    - Five-on-Five game worn cards will feature either jersey or patch swatches for all 10 players represented on the cards
    - Game-worn Jersey Cards will be numbered no higher than 149, including dual and 10-swatch cards!
    - Game-worn Patch Cards will be numbered no higher than 60, including multiple swatch cards!
    - Over 200 Masterpiece cards numbered 1 of 1
    - 30 of the best rookies will be numbered to 499. Average of one per box!

    Every box will contain:
    - One Autographed card, signed on patch material and numbered to 200 or less
    - One Game-worn Memorabilia card numbered to 149 or less
    - One Rookie card numbered to 499 or less

    Every case will contain:
    - 12 Autographs including four that are numbered to 49 or special Dual Autograph cards
    - At least 12 Game-worn Memorabilia cards numbered to 149 or lower. Six of the Game-worn cards will be at least Double Swatches, including at least one Five-on-Five Swatch card. At least three of the memorabilia cards will be patches.

    Regular Set
    - 90 Basic Cards
    - 30 Rookies numbered to 499 (1 per box)

    Autographed Cards
    - 40 "Fresh Ink Twill" serially numbered
    - 40 "Fresh Ink Single" color serially numbered to 49
    - 20 "Fresh Ink Dual Player" serially numbered to 25
    - 40 "Fresh Ink Dual Color" serially numbered to 15
    - 40 "Fresh Ink NBA Logo" 1 of 1
    - 50 "Buy Back" serially numbered

    Memorabilia Cards
    - 25 "Property Of (die cut jersey) Serially numbered to 149
    - 25 "Property Of (patch) Serially numbered to 49
    - 25 "Property Of (die cut patch) Serially numbered to 10
    - 25 "Property Of (NBA Logo) 1 of 1
    - 14 "Game Breakers Die Cut Jersey" serially numbered to199
    - 14 "Game Breakers Patch" serially numbered to jersey #
    - 14 "Game Breakers Die Cut Patch" serially numbered to 10
    - 14 "Game Breakers NBA Logo" 1 of 1
    - 10 "Teammate Tandems Dual Jersey Die Cut" serially numbered to 199
    - 10 "Teammate Tandems Dual Patch" serially numbered to 49
    - 10 "Teammate Tandems Dual Patch Die cut" serially numbered to 10
    - 10 "Teammate Tandems Dual NBA Logo" 1 of 1
    - 10 "Five-on-Five Jersey" serially numbered to 99
    - 10 "Five-on-Five Patch" serially numbered to 10

    Click here for the 2004/05 Fleer Skybox Fresh Ink Basketball 12-Box Hobby Case presell.

    • Manufacturer: Fleer
    • Product: Skybox Fresh Ink
    • Series:
    • UPC/Barcode: 041199511274
    • Release Date: Not Announced

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